Kids Savings Account

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Get kids saving with their very own account and a great everyday rate.

Show kids just how fun and easy it is to stash cash away with a Kids Savings Account. Because it's never too early to have the money talk.

Kids get their own sign-in, but you're firmly in charge of all deposits and withdrawals.

Fees and minimums? Totally not fair. That's why there aren't any.

With a great everyday rate of {{rates.type_3010_apy}}% APY, this is a savings account that can grow up big and strong.

Kid-friendly tools like our Automatic Savings Plan make it a blast to save.

And the account is FDIC-insured up to the allowable limits, so your money's safe and sound.

Questions? Reach helpful people with answers at 1-800-289-1992.

Kids Savings Rates

Account Balance Variable Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

No Minimum


APYs are effective .


Deposit checks from the couch

Snap a picture of a check and deposit it right into your account.


Bank on the go with our mobile apps

Deposit checks and move money - all from your smartphone or tablet.