Remove the usual hurdles of security

SwiftIDSM replaces security questions with your phone, so security gets out of your way. In the future, we’ll do even more with SwiftID to help you move faster — while keeping your account protected.

An added layer of protection

Here's an example of how Swift ID works. Say you sign in to your account for the first time on a laptop or desktop computer we don’t recognize. A notification will pop up that says "Sending Swift ID to your Device. For your security, we'll need additional approval from you."

Within a few moments, we'll send an alert to your mobile phone via the Wallet app, asking you to approve the request and sign in to Capital One online banking with your new device. (Click the link on your computer if you don't receive the alert or don't have your registered mobile device on you.) All you do is slide the approval request for simple, one-touch ID verification. Then you can continue online banking on your computer or sign in to your account on your mobile device. It's security in matter of seconds – without holding you up or quizzing you with security questions!

What is SwiftID?

SwiftID makes it more difficult for someone else to get access to your account by adding a layer of security that you keep right in your pocket (your phone). Together, this team of fraud-fighting factors makes it tougher for anyone else to access your account.

How does it work? 

Verify your ID easily and bypass security questions.

Turn up the security

You can enable SwiftID on any device you own through Capital One’s Mobile App and Wallet App. Just jump into Settings to get started.

Security in your hands

The extra layer of security gets activated when we push a security step to your phone. We use this because it’s likely to be convenient and on hand, plus you’re the only one that has access to it.

Only when you need it

SwiftID will only prompt you when there is something amiss, like if you’re signing in from a new device. We’ll prompt you to approve and then you’re back to your life.

Start using SwiftID

Step 1

Open Capital One's Mobile App or Wallet app (or download them for free).

Step 2

Go to Settings and turn on SwiftID.

Step 3

Look for the SwiftID request.

The future of SwiftID

Today, SwiftID can be used when signing in to your online account. In the future you can use SwiftID for even more ways to authenticate.



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