You can link your debit card to a different account by visiting our website or calling us at 1-800-655-2265

  1. Sign in to (this feature is only available on the web, not the mobile app) 
  2. Select the checking account your debit card is currently linked to
  3. Choose "Account Services and Settings" on a computer or "More" on a mobile device
  4. Select “Switch Spending Account” under the “Manage Debit Card” heading
  5. Select the account you’d like your debit card to spend from
  6. Click on “Switch Spending Account” to complete the update 

You can only switch your spending account if the following requirements are met: 
• Your card is activated and unlocked 
• You don’t have any pending debit card transactions
• You can only switch to a similar checking account (360 Checking to 360 Checking) 

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