Capital One Postpones Full Office Reopening in U.S.

Voluntary options for in-person interactions to be offered across its campuses

It has been 574 days since Capital One first closed its U.S. offices. Sustained progress to contain and reduce the impacts of COVID-19 in the United States has been elusive. Eighteen months into this pandemic, this virus continues to surprise and frustrate humanity.

There are some reasons for optimism. New COVID-19 cases are down 25% over the last two weeks. Vaccination rates are inching upwards. Science and medicine are finding new and better ways to fight the virus. And all around us, parts of our lives are returning back to normal. 

But there remains uncertainty about the direction of this pandemic and the timing of a sustained improvement in health conditions across the country. A Delta-driven wave is still prevalent in the U.S. Infection and transmission rates remain elevated—96% of counties in the U.S. are experiencing High or Substantial rates of COVID-19 transmission. Children under twelve have yet to be approved to access vaccines. And CDC mask guidance encourages individuals to wear masks while indoors. 

It is for that reason that Capital One is announcing it will not reopen its U.S. offices on November 2 as previously shared. Given the continued fluid nature of the situation, a decision was also made not to attempt to forecast a specific date for a full-scale reopening of U.S. offices. Associates will be provided 30 days advance notice before any decision to fully reopen U.S. offices in 2022 - moving into a destination hybrid work approach - is made.

Throughout this pandemic, feelings of Zoom burnout, personal isolation, and a lack of human and team connection have been evident. Understanding the unique needs of individuals remains critical during these unprecedented times and requires supporting associates in different ways. 

For Capital One associates looking for in-person interactions, opportunities for connecting and reconnecting with colleagues and friends across the company will be made available, in a fully voluntary manner.

It is with sincere hope that a return to life as we always knew it is just around the corner. Our company remains in awe of the resilience, grace and humanity with which our associates continue to serve our customers and communities.