Chrissy Metz is Ready for New Beginnings

Metz is teaming up with Capital One to help people find the right car for their future, no matter where they’re headed

Whether folks are looking for a brand new or used vehicle, most car-buyers are familiar with the dealership experience. It’s a place where they can explore cars in-person and speak to salespeople to ensure the vehicle they’re choosing will be the right fit for them and their family.

But, shopping in person can be time-consuming, both when it comes to traversing from one dealership to the next in search of the right vehicle and the amount of time it takes to land on a price, understand the monthly payments, and complete the paperwork.

Enter Capital One Auto Navigator. With Capital One Auto Navigator, shoppers can pre-qualify with no impact to their credit score, shop for cars, and explore their finance options, adjusting things like down payment, term length, and more, all before heading to the dealership.

Earlier this year, we teamed up with Chrissy Metz, award-winning actress and singer, to share her personal story and relationship with cars. Recently, Metz closed a major chapter in her life, and now is at the, “as one door closes and another opens" moment. 

She is excited for new dreams and opportunities ahead, and is inspired by others — getting new jobs, finding love, starting a family, and more.

“I'm excited to be partnering with Capital One Auto Navigator, says Metz. "New paths might mean a new car, and this digital tool lets you start your car search and see your personalized financing options—all in one place.”

Capital One Auto Navigator alleviates some of the stresses and uncertainties of car buying before heading into a dealership, and helps make it easy to find a car that fits your future—so when that next door opens, you’ll be ready for the drive.

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