Meet Our CPO


"At Capital One, diversity and inclusion are an integral part of our culture. We believe that having associates with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives working side by side, enables ideas, approaches and solutions that better reflect the interests and needs of our customers. We embrace this same concept of inclusion in our supply chain. The more diverse and inclusive we are, the better the results will be.


As Capital One's Chief Procurement Officer, one of my responsibilities is to ensure that our procurement organization supports our broader corporate values; diversity and inclusion are fundamental to that end. Capital One Supplier Diversity team members share the same goal, supporting the corporate values of diversity and inclusion. As an essential part of the enterprise’s sourcing and procurement practice, they work diligently to incorporate diverse national, regional, and local suppliers into the company's supply chain in order to deliver exceptional value to the corporation. 


Capital One's Supplier Diversity program is designed to expand our footprint with diverse suppliers. In addition to actively ensuring that diverse suppliers have access to our opportunities, we offer various programs intended to provide them with tangible skills training. From mentoring to technical education, our goal is to ensure that diverse suppliers can compete for our business as well as business from other Fortune 500 firms. By working together, we build stronger local businesses that in turn, build stronger communities."


Clint Grimes

Chief Procurement Officer