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Ford Taurus
The Ford Taurus was a family-sized car sold in the U.S. from 1986 to 2019. A success with consumers and critics alike, the early Taurus models earned distinctions such as America's bestselling car and car of the year. Unfortunately, a 1996 redesign received mixed reviews, and the Taurus became the preference of fleets instead of families. As a result, by 2007 the Taurus was a fleet-only model, and Ford planned to cancel it. With a change of management came a change of heart, and Ford resurrected the Taurus nameplate in 2008. A complete redesign arrived in 2010, making the Taurus bigger, bolder, more powerful, and more luxurious. But that fifth and final generation Taurus could not stem the consumer movement to SUVs. Ford built more than eight million examples of the Taurus before ending production in 2019.