7 New and Used Kia Forte for Sale in Dover, NH

used 75,995 mi
2012 Kia
Forte EX
Dealer Advertised Price
4 mi away
used 64,090 mi
2018 Kia
Forte LX
Dealer Advertised Price
14 mi away
used 29,220 mi
2019 Kia
Forte LXS
Dealer Advertised Price
14 mi away
Dealer Advertised Price
9 mi away
used 33,593 mi
2019 Kia
Forte S
Dealer Advertised Price
24 mi away
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Car Overview
Kia Forte
Older models of the Kia Forte were known primarily for their competitive pricing and generous warranty coverage. That still applies to new Kia Fortes, but now you might choose Kia's compact sedan for its stylish design and appealing interior. There you can find spacious seating, simple controls, and an excellent infotainment interface. The Forte's engines are capable and fuel-efficient, and sporty suspension tuning may make for an enjoyable driving experience. Additionally, you can equip the Forte with important advanced driver assistance systems that other automakers often reserve for larger, more expensive vehicles. In the golden age of compact sedans, the Kia Forte has a lot to offer. Show More

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