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Car Overview
Cadillac CT6
The Cadillac CT6 full-size luxury sedan was notable for numerous reasons. For starters, it was one of the best Cadillac sedans ever made, blending style, comfort, technology, and performance in a world-class package. In addition, Cadillac says it was the first vehicle in the world to offer a hands-free driving assistance system, known as Super Cruise. A plug-in hybrid version was available during its short life, and the CT6 introduced the Blackwing performance engine to the Cadillac lineup. It also debuted a new naming convention for Cadillac cars. If the CT6 was so great, why didn't it last? Cadillac needed the CT6's Detroit-area factory for future electric vehicle production. The CT6 also fell victim to the widespread shift in consumer preferences to SUVs.