Car Overview
The BMW M2 is a reminder of what kidney grilles, Hofmeister kinks, and blue-and-white roundels once broadly stood for: unfiltered driving enjoyment. This two-door coupe is infused with turbocharged six-cylinder power and a complete workup by the BMW M division, and wrapped in bodywork that’s not likely to bring extra scrutiny by law enforcement.BMW introduced the M2 for the 2016 model year, and it ran through 2021 in standard, Performance Edition, Competition, and CS specification. In 2023 the BMW M2 returned the car to the automaker’s lineup, redesigned and based on the third-generation 2 Series. In the new model, a twin-turbo six-cylinder delivers more power and quicker acceleration than its predecessor, and the base car now nearly matches the performance of the previous M2 CS, which was a lighter and more powerful version of the standard car.