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Car Overview
BMW i3
With the electric BMW i3 electric, the company dared to be different. Unusual in every way, it had quirky styling, odd interior design, unique rear access doors with dramatically oversized windows, and strange model names, including Mega World, Giga World, and Tera World. The i3 also offered something early electric-vehicle adopters wanted to ease their fears about finding a charging station away from home: a gas-fueled, range-extending, two-cylinder engine. The attention-grabbing approach worked for BMW, and the i3 reportedly found more than 45,000 buyers in the U.S. market. Over its eight-year production run, the rear-drive i3’s range and performance improved, and toward the end of the car’s life, a sporty i3s version debuted. By 2021, its final year in the U.S., the i3 could travel as far as 153 miles on electricity and up to 200 miles when using the optional range extender.