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Used 2016 Honda Fit for Sale

in Bronx, NY

Car Overview
Honda Fit
Known as the Honda Jazz in other parts of the world, the Honda Fit arrived in the United States in 2007. Although the small five-door hatchback was the pipsqueak of Honda's lineup, the Fit was known for its spunk, spaciousness, and affordability. One of the Fit's claims to fame was its unique "magic" back seat that could fold flat or flip up for added versatility. Though the Fit debuted in 2007, a complete redesign arrived in 2009 with a new engine, improved seats, and more technology. Overall, the second-generation Fit was more sophisticated than the original, and Honda offered an electric version called the Fit EV in 2013. The next redesign arrived in 2015, giving the Fit another layer of refinement and technological advancement. However, due to slowing sales, Honda discontinued the Fit in the U.S. in 2020.