7 New and Used Lexus LS for Sale in Riverside, CA

used 29,784 mi
2017 Lexus
LS 460
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18 mi away
Dealer Advertised Price
13 mi away
used 47,953 mi
2018 Lexus
LS 500
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6 mi away
Dealer Advertised Price
5 mi away
used 21,218 mi
2019 Lexus
LS 500
Dealer Advertised Price
10 mi away
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Car Overview
Lexus LS
The story of Lexus begins with the LS. Toyota wanted to expand into the luxury segment, and the automaker hit it out of the park on its first try with the full-size LS luxury sedan. The LS debuted for the 1990 model year, matching its European competition's opulent materials and exacting engineering, while offering far better value and reliability. Through the years, the LS used a rear-wheel-drive layout and a V8 engine. The fifth-generation LS switched to a twin-turbocharged V6, and Lexus introduced optional hybrid, all-wheel-drive, and F Sport versions. They all have one thing in common, though: the Lexus LS silently ferries its driver and passengers in luxury and comfort. Show More

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