4 New and Used 2012 Honda Accord for Sale in Phoenix, AZ

used 106,683 mi
2012 Honda
Accord EX-L
Dealer Advertised Price
15 mi away
used 88,578 mi
2012 Honda
Accord SE
Dealer Advertised Price
8 mi away
used 44,782 mi
2012 Honda
Accord EX
Dealer Advertised Price
21 mi away
used 66,873 mi
2012 Honda
Accord LX
Dealer Advertised Price
8 mi away
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Car Overview
Honda Accord
The Honda Accord remains a success story in the age of SUVs. One of the most striking things about this best-selling midsize sedan is its attention to detail. An appealing car from every angle, the Accord features high-quality materials and simple controls. In addition, the Accord offers plenty of passenger room and trunk space.Families of four might find it more appealing than similarly priced compact crossovers. Strong turbocharged four-cylinder engines and a capable hybrid powertrain give you plenty of variety under the hood, while accurate steering and responsive handling round out the Honda Accord's distinctly enjoyable driving experience. Show More

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