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Car Overview
Mitsubishi Lancer
In 2003, Mitsubishi introduced the Lancer, which was offered as a four-door sedan and, briefly, as a five-door wagon. The second-generation Lancer went on sale in 2008. It offered new styling and remained available as the rally-inspired, turbocharged, all-wheel-drive Evolution model. In addition, a five-door hatchback called the Lancer Sportback arrived in 2010. By 2015, the Sportback was gone and the Lancer Evolution was in its final year of availability. That left the Lancer sedan, which got a styling and powertrain refresh for 2016. Although it no longer offered a turbocharged engine option, the Lancer did come with an optional AWD system. Mitsubishi dropped the Lancer from its lineup following the 2017 model year.