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Car Overview
Dodge Viper
Fast, loud, raw, and rowdy, the Dodge Viper was America’s “other” sports car. Similar to the Chevrolet Corvette, the Viper pairs a powerful engine with rear-wheel drive, two seats, and iconic design. Dodge introduced the Viper for the 1991 model year. It came in roadster form with a 400-hpr V10 engine shared with Ram trucks. By 1996, a coupe joined the lineup. A 2003 redesign added refinement, sophistication, and power to the Viper roadster, and the coupe returned for the 2006 model year. By 2008, the Viper’s 8.4L V10 supplied 600 hp and Dodge modified the suspension to make the car less terrifying to drive. Dodge skipped the 2011 and 2012 model years, returning the SRT Viper to its lineup with another major redesign in 2013. This Viper had more curves to it, but the same engine. Slow sales brought an end to production after the 2017 model year.