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Car Overview
Acura TSX
Acura introduced the TSX to the United States for the 2004 model year. Based on the Asian and European versions of the Honda Accord, the first-generation TSX boasted a clean design, a nice price, a zippy four-cylinder engine, and engaging driving dynamics. A favorite of auto enthusiasts, a manual gearbox was available in addition to an automatic transmission. A redesigned TSX arrived in 2009. Still based on the Accord model sold overseas, the second-generation TSX wore a shiny shield-style grille like its larger Acura TL sibling. However, this version of the TSX also came in sedan and station wagon body styles, setting it apart from other entry-level luxury cars. In addition, Acura offered a potent V6 engine in the sedan, an upgrade from the standard four-cylinder powerplant. For the 2015 model year, Acura blended the TSX and TL into a single model, the TLX.