7 of the Best Used Car, Truck, and SUV Deals in January 2023

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles bridge the gap between new and used.

Blue BMW X5 X-Drive parked on top of a garage with city viewBMW

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Editor's Note: For consistency, Capital One sought out currently advertised offers using a Southern California ZIP code. Southern California is the country's largest new-car market, and it is not served by independent distributors that may set their prices, lease programs, and financing deals.

Looking to save but concerned about the maintenance and warranty questions that often come with buying used? Consider a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle, which is a used car verified to be in good mechanical order and backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. Here we’ll take a look at seven competitive financing offers on CPO used cars for January 2023.

2018-2021 BMW X5: 3.99% APR Financing for Up To 36 Months

BMW currently has a pair of offers on its 2018-2021 certified models—no payments for 3 months and 3.99% APR financing for up to 36 months. All 2018-2021 BMW certified models are eligible. This includes the mid-size X5 SUV, which was last fully redesigned for the 2019 model year.

Red 2023 Chevrolet Blazer driving through city lightsChevrolet

2019-2023 Chevrolet Blazer: 0.9% APR Financing

GM’s CPO program is offering rates as low as 0.9% for well-qualified buyers on select models. Among the eligible models is the Blazer, a mid-size crossover introduced for the 2019 model year.

Black 2023 Ford F-150 Limited parked outside red ranch buildings with treesFord

2018-2023 Ford F-150: 3.49% APR Financing for Up To 36 Months

Through its Ford Blue Advantage program, Ford attaches ‘Gold Certified’ certification to certain CPO vehicles that are less than six years old and have fewer than 80,000 miles on the odometer. This month, Ford Gold Certified CPO models are offered with 3.49% APR Financing. This would include Ford F-150 models from as far back as the 2018 model year.

2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid on the highwayHonda

2017-2022 Honda CR-V: 3.49% APR Financing

The Honda CR-V has long been one of the leading compact crossovers, offering the consistency and reliability drivers have come to expect from Honda, all in a small SUV package. Now through the end of February, Honda is offering well-qualified buyers 3.49% APR financing on all HondaTrue Certified+ and HondaTrue Certified 2017-2022 Accord and CR-V models.

Gray 2021 Land Rover Defender parked outside brick buildingLand Rover

2020-2021 Land Rover Defender: 3.99% APR Financing for 12-24 Months

The Land Rover Defender mixes luxury, practicality, and off-road performance. As it went on sale for the 2020 model year, expect to see a lot of Defenders coming off lease starting this year, meaning there likely will be plenty of CPO Defenders on the market. This month, Land Rover is offering 3.99% APR financing for 12-24 months on CPO models from as far back as 2017.

Red Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class parked outside luxury homeMercedes-Benz

2019-2021 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class: 2.99% APR Financing for 24-36 Months

Through the end of January, Mercedes-Benz is offering 2.99% APR financing for 24-36 months on 2019-2021 model year GLC-, C-, and E-Class models. Mercedes’ offer here is pretty competitive, besting the APRs on the current CPO offers from BMW and Audi, which currently sit at 3.99% and 5.99%, respectively.

Oxygen White 2022 Toyota Mirai Limited parked at sunsetToyota

2016-2022 Toyota Mirai: 3.99% APR Financing

Through the end of February, Toyota is offering 4.99% APR financing on all of its certified pre-owned models, except for the Mirai, where it’s offering 3.99%. The Mirai is a quirky hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle first introduced in 2016 and now sold over two generations. It’s most commonly found in the state of California, which offers a network of hydrogen filling stations.

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