What Is Care by Volvo?

Volvo’s car subscription service is like leasing, but with more perks and less commitment.

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Car subscription services offer a new financing option beyond the traditional loan or lease with unique perks. Care by Volvo is one commonly discussed car subscription. It combines all the associated costs of car ownership, including insurance and maintenance, into a monthly price with minimal commitment.

The subscription term is 24 months, but customers can swap into another vehicle and change the terms after four months. Care by Volvo has a mileage limit of 1,250 miles per month or 15,000 miles a year, but offers $1,000 worth of excessive wear protection which applies to superficial repairs like scratches, and road hazard tire and wheel protection. The subscription also includes access to concierge services, allowing a Volvo representative to take the vehicle for a car wash, fill-up, or a scheduled maintenance appointment.

Care by Volvo also covers the first three maintenance visits (at 10,000, 20,000, and 30,000 miles). After 24 months, the customer can trade their vehicle in for a newer one or even purchase the unit they’ve been driving.

How Much Does Care by Volvo Cost?

The cost of a Care by Volvo subscription depends on the vehicle chosen. The S60 sedan and XC40 subcompact crossover are the least expensive options, starting at $650 a month. From there, shoppers can move up into the XC60 compact SUV for about $700 a month or the three-row XC90 for $750. These prices don’t include taxes or registration fees, as they vary from state to state.

Where Is Care by Volvo Available?

Volvo offers its subscription service across the United States, except for California, Hawaii, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota. The automaker says New York is also on the list of states excluded, but offers an alternative subscription that doesn’t include insurance. The Care by Volvo subscription is also available in other markets like Canada and the United Kingdom.

Is Care by Volvo Worth It?

Car shoppers may be a bit wary about car subscriptions, as the established financing options of getting a loan or leasing a car have been around for so long. But there are important differences.

For starters, Care by Volvo allows subscribers to change cars after just four months, which isn’t possible with a conventional car lease. The Volvo subscription omits the long-term commitments of a traditional lease (typically 36 months), allowing customers to cancel their subscription outright without any extra fees after the fifth payment.

Price comparisons would vary between models, but as an example, an XC40 T5 R-Design subscription starts at $650 per month. With a $0 down payment on a 36-month/15,000-mile per year lease, the same Volvo is $774 per month, plus you’re on the hook for scheduled maintenance and insurance.

Car subscriptions work for those who don’t want to worry about the hassles of car shopping. It’s a standard price, without the need to haggle or shop around for insurance, and can feel easier than the alternative of shopping around at different dealerships, insurance providers, or financial institutions. They also alleviate any concerns of a long-term commitment, either to a payment or a specific model, making them an enticing option for some shoppers.

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