5 of the Best Luxury SUV Lease Deals in October 2022

Here are a few stylish and affordable luxury SUVs offering discounted lease deals.

2022 Volvo XC60Volvo

Updated October 2022

Editorundefineds Note: For consistency, Capital One sought out currently advertised offers using a Southern California ZIP code. Southern California is the country's largest new-car market and it is not served by independent distributors that may set their own prices, lease programs, and financing deals.

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Luxury vehicles aren't only for high rollers, as proven by the impressive lease deals this month on several popular SUVs and crossovers. These deals are around $500 a month, with offers from Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, BMW, and Acura.

2022 Mercedes-Benz GLA250Mercedes-Benz

2022 Mercedes-Benz GLA250: $489 per month for 36 months and $3,933 down

The 2022 GLA250 is one of the more affordable luxury SUVs on the market, and leasing one this month will run you around $489 a month and $3,933 due at lease signing. This subcompact SUV uses a 221hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine that sends power to its front wheels. It's powerful enough to sprint from 0-60 mph in under seven seconds while delivering a 28-mpg combined estimate. Shoppers can jump into an all-wheel drive (AWD) GLA250 version for an additional $20 per month and an extra $270 down.

2022 Volvo XC60Volvo

2022 Volvo XC60: $515 per month for 36 months and $4,265 down

Small SUVs aren’t the only option for those on a budget, as seen by the lease offer on the 2022 XC60 B5 FWD Momentum. With a reasonably sized cabin and conservative exterior styling, the compact XC60 uses a turbocharged four-cylinder engine making 247hp but also manages an impressive 26-mpg combined estimate. The Volvo feels like a solid deal in a competitive market at $515 a month (or $535 with $4,285 due at signing for AWD models).

Blue Acura RDXAcura

2022 Acura RDX: $519 per month for 36 months and $6,299 down

If some deals feel like they’re holding out on you in terms of performance or features, then perhaps this 2022 RDX will be appealing. A $519 a month payment nets you a Super Handling AWD equipped RDX in Technology trim, which includes ambient lighting, sports seats, an upgraded sound system, and a navigation system. The compact RDX also comes with a standard 272hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine, making it feel like a sweet deal, so long as you can stomach the relatively high $6,299 down payment.

2021 Mercedes-Benz GLBMercedes-Benz

2022 Mercedes-Benz GLB250: $529 per month for 36 months and $4,323 down

The 2022 GLB250 is another option for shoppers on a budget, sporting a similar powertrain as the GLA, sliding between the GLA-Class and GLC-Class in size. The GLB is also a bit more practical than the GLA, with more interior space and optional third-row seating (that’s only suitable for kids.) For $4,323 upfront, front-wheel drive (FWD) models are available for $529 a month, there’s an additional $220 for AWD due at signing.

2023 BMW X2 sDrive28i: $529 per month for 36 months and $5,029 down

Like its Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class rival, the X2 is a subcompact SUV with a coupe-like profile. It’s not the biggest or most practical model on this list, but it’s efficient, fairly responsive, and fun to drive. The FWD sDrive28i model features a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 228hp for $529 per month with just over $5,000 down. If you want traction at all four wheels, the xDrive28i trim is an extra $20 a month with $5,169 due at signing.

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