What Is the Lexus Safety System+?

Every 2020 or newer Lexus comes with a variety of electronic driver-safety tools.

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Since its debut in the 2016 Lexus RX SUV, the automaker's Lexus Safety System+ has offered a variety of ever-evolving driver-assistance and accident-prevention systems, with a hands-free autopilot system on the horizon.

The Main Features of the Lexus Safety System+

There are currently four versions of the Lexus Safety System+ available: LSS+, LSS+ 2.0, LSS+ 2.5, and LSS+ 3.0, each with varying components. The most advanced version, Lexus Safety System+ 3.0 — available on the standard and hybrid versions of the 2022 Lexus NX — includes a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection and intersection support, which is part of the 13 pieces of LSS+ technology.

The LSS+ system will detect vehicles and pedestrians and offer automatic brake assist or completely stop the vehicle if required. The advanced LSS+ works with built-in radar and cameras to detect bicyclists or pedestrians and will also work in low-light conditions. The system will offer warnings or automatically brake if a driver turns in front of an oncoming vehicle, cyclist, or pedestrian.

Other components of LSS+ include lane-assist systems ranging from lane-departure alert with steering assist to lane keep to the more active lane-tracing assist, which will automatically keep a vehicle centered in its lane.

Adaptive cruise control, another LSS+ tool, will automatically slow or speed up the vehicle in traffic, while an advanced version can also bring the vehicle to a complete stop or detect upcoming curves and slow the vehicle. Automatic high-beam headlamps and a road-sign assist function, which displays speed and warning signs in the head-up display, are also included in some LSS+ packages.

Additional capabilities, including lane-change assist and front cross-traffic alerts, are part of the optional LSS+ A package, which includes ability to brake and automatically steer the vehicle to avoid collisions.

Will the Lexus Safety System+ Allow for Self-Driving?

The new Lexus Teammate System, which will be available starting on the 2022 Lexus LS 500h, will offer the first Level 2 hands-off driving experience. The system includes two components, advanced drive and advanced park, which integrate cameras, radars, and lasers, some of which are already part of the LSS+ system.

Advanced drive will allow an autopilot function on certain divided, limited-access highways, though drivers will be constantly reminded to provide inputs and prepare to turn for freeway exits. It also mixes visual and audio warnings and digitized voice commands with a system that tugs on your seatbelt to make sure you’re actively involved in driving. Facial recognition is part of the system, too, and monitors whether you’re actively turning to check your blind spots. Advanced park will provide enhanced self-parking capabilities.

How Much Does The Lexus Safety System+ Cost?

Depending on the vehicle, you’ll get at least some variation of the LSS+ package. The 2022 Lexus RX 350, priced at about $49,000, makes LSS+ 2.0 a standard feature, including pre-collision, lane-departure alert, dynamic cruise control, and intelligent high-beams. The 2023 Lexus IS, priced at about $42,000, is equipped with the more advanced LSS+ 2.5 system, which adds enhanced lane-tracing assist, enhanced all-speed dynamic radar cruise control, and left-turn vehicle intersection support.

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