Off-Roading in Utah at the Easter Jeep Safari

Every spring, Jeep owners from across the country descend on Moab.

Several Jeeps traverse the wilderness near MoabJeep


Every year, thousands of Jeep owners, enthusiasts, and parts and accessories suppliers descend upon Moab, Utah, for the annual Easter Jeep Safari. This year's gathering is set to take place March 23-31.

Several Jeeps parked in the wilderness near MoabJeep

The Easter Jeep Safari Began in 1967

The origins of the Easter Jeep Safari can be traced back to 1967, when the Moab Chamber of Commerce, looking for a way to boost tourism, landed on the idea of holding an event for Jeep owners on the Saturday before Easter. Early versions of the event involved a single trail ride, in most cases to the Behind the Rocks Wilderness Study Area south of town. Chamber staff served as trail guides, and the event included lunch with a unique dessert: ice cream brought in by plane.

A yellow Jeep Wrangler kicks up sandJeep

The Event Is a Weeklong Jeep-Fest

Since 1983, the Easter Jeep Safari has been hosted by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers, a four-wheel-drive club based in Moab. The event has grown considerably over the years and now lasts a little more than a week, ending on Easter Sunday. Over the course of the week, the Red Rock 4-Wheelers host numerous trail rides each day, ranging from leisurely forest-road cruises to white-knuckle outings on Moab's most difficult trails.

Several Jeeps traverse the rocks near MoabJeep

While the itinerary consists mainly of guided rides, enthusiast gatherings and product demonstrations abound as well. There are so many that you might consider the Easter Jeep Safari a trade show for Jeep and Jeep-associated brands. Scores of companies including Bilstein and BFGoodrich set up shop for the week, ready to help with last-minute repairs while also promoting their latest products.

The safari can be an exciting spectacle for everyday four-wheel-drive enthusiasts as well, even those who aren't Jeep owners. Just about everyEvery type of 4x4 — including the Ford-built GPW, a World War II military vehicle and Willys MB counterpart — can be seen crawling the streets around Moab throughout the week.

Several Jeeps traverse off-road near MoabJeep

Jeep Shows Off Concepts and Generates Buzz

The Jeep brand itself makes the trek from its corporate offices in Auburn Hills, Michigan, to the red rocks of southern Utah to debut concept vehicles at the event, taking advantage of both the epic Moab backdrop and the hordes of enthusiasts on hand.

Several Jeeps parked near MoabJeep

Jeep claims it was testing vehicles in Moab long before it officially involved itself in the Easter Jeep Safari. Noteworthy Jeep concepts that have debuted in Moab over the years include the Mighty FC, the Wagoneer Roadtrip, and the J6.

Many of the concepts — the Wagoneer Roadtrip, for example — function as little more than one-off, high-dollar showpieces, while others, such as the Wrangler Rubicon 392 concept shown off in 2019, have served as precursors to production models.

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