Next-Level Luxury: What Is the Jeep Overland Trim?

Find out how Jeep combines styling and features to set apart its Overland versions.

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Debuting as the top trim level on the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep created the Overland trim to help set its increasingly comfortable SUVs and trucks above other members of its model lineup. It's worth discovering which Jeeps offer the Overland trim to customers, what sets these versions apart, and how much they cost.

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Which Jeep Models Offer the Overland Trim?

The Overland trim is available exclusively on midsize members of the Jeep family of sport-utility vehicles. This includes the two-row Jeep Grand Cherokee and three-row Grand Cherokee L SUVs as well as the Grand Cherokee 4xe. The Jeep Gladiator once sported the Overland trim, but it is no longer offered for newer models.

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What Does the Jeep Overland Trim Bring to the Table?

The Overland trim is notable for focusing more on creature comforts than pure off-road capability, and it is priced above the off-road-oriented Trailhawk trim that's offered on the Grand Cherokee 4xe plug-in electric hybrid.

With these SUVs, the Overland introduces exterior styling tweaks, including 20-inch aluminum wheels, chrome tow hooks, and additional chrome around the windows and on the mirrors. Inside, features such as nappa leather upholstery, panoramic sunroof, and LED interior lighting can be found. Equipment additions include an air suspension system and a hands-free liftgate.

The extended Jeep Grand Cherokee L lineup doesn't include a Trailhawk model, but the Overland tops the one-step-down Limited with its heated and ventilated seats, power-folding rear row, and power-folding side mirrors. It also includes the same features found on the two-row Grand Cherokee Overland.

No additional features on the Overland variations improve on towing capacities.

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How Much Does the Jeep Overland Trim Cost?

For 2024, you can order your Jeep in costlier trims than the Overland. For example, the Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L are offered in Summit and Summit Reserve trims above the Overland, while the Cherokee 4xe Overland sits below the Laredo and Laredo X versions.

The 2024 Grand Cherokee 4xe Overland comes with a starting price of about $76,000. It is only offered in four-wheel drive similar to the Trailhawk trim coming in at around $69,000. The Grand Cherokee Overland is priced lower than its electrified counterpart at less than $67,000, with the Grand Cherokee L Overland coming in at a little higher at around $69,000.

All vehicle pricing includes MSRP plus destination charges (set at the time of publication), and will be rounded to the nearest thousand.

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