How BMW Group Classic Can Help Restore Your Classic Car

BMW's in-house source for authentic parts and expertise on vehicles dating back to the 1950s can offer advice on bringing life back to your German classic.

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For collectors and enthusiasts of classic BMWs, there's perhaps no greater resource than BMW Group Classic, the in-house historical division of the vaunted German automaker. Operating out of BMW Group's original Munich plant, BMW Classic maintains the company's historical archives and offers warrantied parts, expert advice, and restoration services to BMW owners around the world

The Origin of the BMW Group Classic Center

What started as a facility for producing restored museum pieces has remained available to the public since 2010 as the Classic Center. That's the world headquarters for owners seeking exceptionally high-quality restoration work or major engine overhauls performed by company technicians.

The Munich facility is able to complete custom projects such as adding modern transmissions to classic BMW models. Its cars are primarily showcased in the automaker's Munich, Germany, museum.

BMW Classic Center Services Are Also Available in the U.S.

BMW expanded the reach of its classic car services, first with a Certified Classic Center in Zurich, Switzerland, and currently with select dealerships in the United States designated as BMW Certified Classic Centers.

These dealerships have access to a wide selection of original BMW parts and equipment. They employ highly trained master technicians with expertise in the maintenance and repair of older BMW models. The U.S. Classic Centers can also help with total restoration projects, though those can be costly and time-consuming.

For those who want to tend to their beloved cars themselves, BMW Classic can be a trusted source of certified authentic parts — as opposed to aftermarket products.

Starting in 1994, BMW Classic strategically invested in maintaining a stockpile of more than 40,000 parts and other items for BMW models dating as far back as the distinctive, three-wheeled Isetta, along with specialized parts for BMWs that are more than 20 years old. BMW original parts are made using original tools and production machines in BMW facilities, and all parts come with a two-year, unlimited-mileage warranty.

Purchase Historical Documentation for Market Value

For owners thinking of selling a high-value model, BMW Certified Classic Centers can arrange to have BMW automotive experts flown in from Munich to perform a detailed investigation of the car. The condition of every component, part, and material will be evaluated both visually and mechanically.

Those experts will assess the car's originality and overall condition and produce a vehicle history in conjunction with BMW's Historical Documentation Center to help establish the car's current market value.

On the simpler side, owners who want to spice up their BMW collection might order a Classic Vehicle certificate that verifies their BMW's serial number, production and delivery dates, and chassis and engine numbers. For the additional cost, it's designed to be an owner's ultimate display piece, attesting to the authenticity of their classic ride.

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