Every Electric Truck for Sale in 2022

These battery-powered pickups are practical, powerful—but generally more expensive—alternatives to traditional fossil-fuel-burning models.


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The pickup truck world has become a key segment for manufacturers seeking to impress electric vehicle buyers with enormous power. Thanks to their large platforms, trucks provide ample room for equally enormous batteries, which in turn translates into plenty of juice to feed mighty electric motors (which, in turn, are required to deal with all of that extra battery mass).

Established brands, like Ford and GMC, and the newcomer Rivian have taken a stab at luring EV-curious customers, resulting in a variety of all-electric choices for truck fans seeking to plug in. Though several automakers have planned to deliver electric trucks by 2024, there are only three new battery-electric pickup trucks available for the 2022 model year.


Ford F-150 Lightning

The 2022 F-150 Lightning is a surprisingly versatile pickup. The lineup starts with the Pro trim, a stripped-down version of the full-size electric truck aimed at contractors and tradespeople, starting around $42,000 (not including any government incentives). The base Lightning delivers 426 hp and 775 lb.-ft. of torque from a pair of electric motors, and its entry-level, 98-kWh battery is good for an EPA-estimated 230 miles of driving range. All-wheel drive is standard on all trims. All other Lightning variants benefit from the availability of an extended 131-kWh battery that makes 563 hp and the same amount of torque while stretching the range to as much as 320 miles. This extended battery also raises towing capacity from 7,700 pounds to 10,000.

As with most pickups, the F-150 Lightning is available in a wide range of trim levels, with the top-level Platinum trim stretching the starting price all the way up to around $93,000 before adding any optional equipment. A four-door, crew-cab body is standard for every Lightning.

Unique among battery-electric trucks, the Lightning’s standard Pro Power Onboard acts as a mobile generator, with as many as 10 household outlets providing up to 2.4 kilowatts of electricity that can be used for running power tools or setting up an extravagant base camp. The optional 9.6-kW Pro Power Onboard adds a 240-volt outlet in the bed for bigger jobs such as using a welder or boondocking with a travel trailer. Further extending the Lightning's utility is its ability to use Ford’s Charge Station Pro to reverse the flow of electrons and feed electricity back into a home during a power outage.


GMC Hummer EV

The 2022 Hummer EV truck heads in a decidedly more upscale direction than the F-150 Lightning, focusing exclusively on luxury-oriented trim levels rather than catering to the masses. The four-door, all-wheel-drive Hummer EV is being marketed as a "supertruck" that counts on straight-line speed and go-anywhere, off-road capability as much as its long list of standard features. Capable of hitting 60 mph in three seconds, the GMC Hummer battery-electric pickup also comes with a unique "crab-walk" four-wheel steering feature for increased maneuverability on the trail.

Supertruck features come with supertruck pricing. The reservation list for the Hummer EV Edition 1 is full, despite a cost of about $110,000. Featuring 1,000 hp, the three-motor machine provides 329 miles of range from its enormous 212-kWh battery. The relatively low range-to-battery-size ratio is a result of the Hummer EV's 9,063-pound curb weight, which makes it one of the heaviest trucks on the road. Despite its prodigious power, towing capacity is rated at a modest 7,500 pounds.

Later in 2022, the Hummer truck will be made available in EV3X trim. Though this model drops power to 830 hp, the price also dips to around $100,000 while range increases to more than 350 miles. Coming in early 2023, the two-motor Hummer EV2X offers the same range, but with only 625 horsepower for about $90,000. The least expensive Hummer truck, the roughly $80,000 EV2, arrives a year later, with the same power ratings, but 100 miles less range.


Rivian R1T

Compared to the full-size GMC and Ford battery-electric trucks, the 2022 R1T skews smaller and lighter, and approximates a traditional mid-size pickup in some proportions. As such, it's not a direct rival to the other vehicles on this list, but rather, an alternative for those who don't require such a large truck. Still, the R1T does offer excellent practicality, making up for its more modest proportions with a spacious frunk and a unique gear tunnel between the cab and the bed.

Towing for the R1T is listed at an impressive 11,000 pounds. With a motor dedicated to each wheel, the Rivian electric truck also provides extremely granular control over power delivery, which is important when driving on slippery, off-road surfaces with 835 hp and 908 lb.-ft. of torque sitting under your right foot. All that grunt means, the R1T can reach 60 mph in 3 seconds, matching the much heavier Hummer.

Despite its more modest size, the four-door Rivian R1T is priced similar to or above the other trucks on this list. The cheapest 2022 R1T, the Explore trim, costs about $81,000 outfitted with four motors and the company's 135-kWh Large battery pack for a 314-mile range. A 180-kWh Max battery pack adds $16,000 to the price and 86 additional miles of range (400-plus in total). The company will eventually sell an R1T with dual motors and a smaller “standard” size battery pack that will start around $68,000, but if you haven’t already claimed a spot in line, it will be a while before you’re parking any R1T in your garage. The entire production run for 2022 has already been claimed, and Rivian says any reservation placed today won’t be fulfilled until late 2023.

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