5 Trucks with Trailer Backup Assist Under $40,000

Backup assist features can be a necessity in pickup trucks, especially when you're towing or navigating into a parking space.

2022 Ford RangerFord

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Trailer backup assist is a term that refers to driver assistance technologies that come into play when a pickup truck is towing a trailer and backing up. One of the common technologies you may be most familiar with on new vehicles is the backup camera, which is legally required to be in every newly made vehicle.

Pickup trucks usually require a little something more due to their size and towing capacity. We've selected a few new trucks with notable backup features to help you shop for the vehicle that's right for you.

To select the trucks on this list, we found all the trucks available for the 2022 model year that cost under $40,000. From there, we selected the trucks that featured a backup assist features on the base-model trim as an option within the $40,000 price cap. Our goal is to illustrate that consumers don't need to opt for the most expensive truck on the market to benefit from trailer backup assist features.

We've listed our selections from the lowest to highest manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), which includes the mandatory destination fee; please note that final pricing may change with the addition of packages or dealer fees.

2022 Ford RangerFord

Ford Ranger: Around $26,000

The 2022 Ford Ranger's base XL trim features a rear-view camera and Ford's reverse sensing system. Essentially, when you put the truck in reverse, you'll hear beeps in the cabin as you get closer to an object behind you. It's one of the more basic trucks with backup aids that you'll find on the market today.

2022 GMC CanyonGMC

GMC Canyon: Around $28,000

In addition to its rear-view camera, the GMC Canyon adds Rear Park Assist. This is GMC's name for the same feature the Ford truck above has—the reverse sensing system. Basically, rear park assist will beep as you get closer to an object behind you. Here, though, it also displays a graphic of your truck on the infotainment system along with any objects behind you, helping you orient yourself as you're in reverse.

2022 GMC Sierra 1500GMC

GMC Sierra 1500: Around $31,000

The base-model GMC Sierra 1500 adds a digital mirror to its rear-view camera. This digital mirror is embedded in the rear bumper of your truck, which means it provides a close-up view of anything behind you as you're reversing. Keep in mind that the Sierra's base-model truck is a work truck, so it will feature fewer amenities than some of the upscale trims.

2022 Dodge Ram 1500Dodge

RAM 1500: Around $36,000

The RAM 1500 includes the most backup features for the price. It includes trailer reverse steering, which adds a knob to your truck's center stack that allows you to adjust the angle of the trailer as you're backing up, which can be quite difficult on its own. This is an essential feature for anyone that's frequently hauling goods.

2022 Ford F-150Ford

Ford F-150: Around $36,000

Ford introduced their Pro Trailer Backup Assist system back in 2015 on the F-150, and it also fits a knob to the dashboard like the Ram. Drivers can activate the system and use only the knob and the backup camera to position the trailer when backing up, letting the Ford F-150 do all the work of steering, and taking the guesswork out of which way the steering wheel should be turned. The Pro Trailer Backup system is a part of the Tow Technology Package, and can be had for a total price of just under $36,000, but that's for a regular cab truck too. The technology is a huge help for drivers who are new to towing, or do it infrequently enough to want the extra assurance of an assistance system.

Backup Assist Features Are a Necessity

These features enable drivers of pickup trucks to drive confidently on the road. While many higher-trim trucks may feature a larger array of features, our selection of five trucks under $37,000 shows that you don't need a luxury truck to enjoy the best features.

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