5 of the Best Cars and Coffee Events

Get buzzed on caffeine and octane at these car enthusiast-friendly meet-ups across America.

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Although automotive cruise nights have been going strong for decades, flipping those meets from nighttime to the early morning hours may appeal to a different audience. “Cars and coffee” events date back to the late-2000s when enterprising California drivers began meeting up in parking lots at malls and coffee shops to show off their rides and build a sense of community in their local areas.

It wasn't long before the cars and coffee concept spread across the country, ensuring a great gathering for any car enthusiast to attend somewhere nearby. Here are our picks for 5 of the best cars and coffee events in America today.

Griot's Garage Caffeine & Gasoline

Tacoma, Washington

The Pacific Northwest is a secret bastion of well-preserved metal, with its enclaves of mild winter weather that have helped to keep more than a few classics from returning to the elements. It's also the headquarters of Griot's Garage, one of the giants of automotive detailing, which hosts sizable Caffeine and Gasoline gatherings at their flagship store near Seattle.

Since 2010, Griot's events have served as mini-clinics on detailing, providing enthusiasts with access to cleaning and car care experts while hosting up to 100 cars on the first Saturday of every month. The company also provides access to its showroom of restored and modified classics for visitors to explore.

Katie’s Cars and Coffee

Great Falls, Virginia

Hundreds of automotive fans turn out each Saturday (weather permitting) at Katie's, which hosts one of the best-attended cars and coffee events on the East Coast.

Known for hosting an eclectic group of vehicles, Katie's is the kind of gathering that's just as welcoming to a Lancia Stratos as it is to a Ford GT, modern and classic Ferraris, and even motorcycles. Rain or shine, the cream of the Great Falls area makes sure to show up and show off.

Cars and Coffee Los Angeles

Griffith Park, California

California originated the cars and coffee concept, so Los Angeles should host one of the country's best examples of these car culture get-togethers.

On the last Sunday of the month, Cars and Coffee LA takes over the parking lot of LA’s Griffith Park, delivering some of the city's most exclusive and fascinating automobiles.

M1 Concourse Cars & Coffee

Pontiac, Michigan

The M1 Concourse is more than just a race track: it's also a host to an entire summer of specifically-themed cars and coffee events.

At least once a month, Detroit-area gearheads descend upon the Pontiac, Michigan, facility to feast their eyes on models ranging from European imports to classic American metal to vintage, pre-war vehicles.

South OC Cars and Coffee

San Clemente, California

As California's largest cars and coffee event, South OC Cars and Coffee guarantees to have something for everyone.

With sponsors ranging from Meguiars to Bridgestone, the South OC Cars and Coffee is a full-scale mall take-over at the Outlets in San Clemente every Saturday morning. The event boasts 1,500 to 3,500 vehicles pulling from the sports car, SUV, hot rod, and classic worlds, making it a must-stop for car fans visiting the southern California region.

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