Credit Sesame Helps People Make Smarter Credit Card Choices with the Credit Offers API

Credit Sesame easily integrated with the Credit Offers API to give users personalized credit card options and recommendations that help them make the best choice for them — all without affecting their credit score.

Credit Sesame + Credit Offers API

Introducing Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame describes itself as a free service that helps consumers manage their credit and loans all in one place. Since launching in 2010 at TechCrunch Disrupt with an all-star team of engineers, scientists and serial entrepreneurs, Credit Sesame has worked to create one of the best consumer engagement in the industry due to its easy-to-use interface and automated credit and loan management tools (i.e., Credit Sesame offers free credit score, monitoring, credit report card and financial managements of credit cards, consumer loans, mortgages and other loans). Credit Sesame enables customers to get a comprehensive picture and analysis of their credit and debt for free.

The Credit Sesame Challenge

Give customers a secure, easy way to see if they’re pre-qualified for credit card recommendations, WITHOUT impacting their credit scores.

Case Study At a Glance:

How It Works

(Skip the Walkthough — Just Show Me the User Journey)

Meet Josh. He’s Trying to Take Charge of His Finances.

He wants to buy a house in the future, and he needs to improve his credit score to do so. But the world of credit is vast and unknown to him: he needs help. Josh joined Credit Sesame to track his credit score, plan his financial future, get educated on his options, and get recommendations on the best credit options for his situation.

Enter the New Pre-Qual Experience, Powered by the Credit Offers API.

Shortly after signing up, Josh logs in to Credit Sesame and sees a credit card recommendation. For Josh, all the credit card options are a little overwhelming. How does he pick the right one? He sees that he can check to find out if he’s pre-qualified without affecting his credit score. Knowing that this won’t affect his score, he feels better about clicking “See If I’m Pre-Qualified”.

Verifying Josh’s Information.

Josh is brought to a form to verify his information, and he feels good about filling it out because he’s still in the safe and familiar Credit Sesame user experience.

The Results Are In...

Josh will be directed to one of two results: he either pre-qualifies or doesn’t. If he successfully pre-qualifies, he’s shown pre-qualified card options that best suit his financial situation, which he can choose to apply for.

Even if Josh isn’t automatically pre-qualified, there’s still a chance for him to succeed. He’ll be redirected to a list of credit card options that fit his needs. Plus, he feels like he hasn’t risked anything by taking the chance to see if he’s Pre-Qualified.

Win Win

In just six weeks Credit Sesame’s team was able to implement the Credit Offers API and give their consumers a secure, personalized, and familiar pre-qualification experience that takes just two steps.

Why It Works

What kind of impact did this have?

“Through integration with the pre-qualification technology from the Capital One developer platform, we're providing a new way for qualified borrowers to apply for a credit card with confidence. Our new service leverages our advanced data and analytics to allow our members to quickly identify the Capital One cards they're pre-qualified for. It brings more transparency to the consumer before they even start their credit card application process without impacting their credit score. This provides an enhanced user experience and gets us closer to our commitment to connect our members to the right products at the right time, while simplifying and automating consumers’ credit and loan management.”-Adrian Nazari, CEO and Co-Founder of Credit Sesame

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