USED112,443 mi.

2012 MazdaMazda3 i Grand Touring For Sale

in Leesburg, VA
$ 8,851
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Key features of this 2012 Mazda Mazda3 i Grand Touring in Leesburg, VA
GPS Navigation
Leather Seats
28 City / 39 Hwy
Body Style
Exterior Color
Interior Color
Drive Train
Fuel Type
4 Cyl
Stock Number
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Consumer Ratings and Reviews of the 
Mazda Mazda3 
i Grand Touring



Overall Consumer Rating


4.5 out of 5


4.7 out of 5


4.6 out of 5


4.8 out of 5


4.6 out of 5


4.7 out of 5

Based on 465 consumer ratings for the 2010 - 2013 models as of 04/15/2024.

5.0 out of 5 stars

One worth checking out!


The mazda3 is for car owners that want to be outside of the norm but within budget. As a woman I want my vehicle to be eye-catching and amazing to look at inside and out. As a daily driver I want to be comfortable in my car and know it will keep up with my lead foot all the way. The mazda3 fulfills this and so much more. Do not get me wrong, I am a car fanatic. I want to know about the car from bumper to bumper which typically leaves me knowing more than the person selling the vehicle to me. For the cost, buyers will get more for their money out of a Mazda than any other car I have yet to own. After two years I still enjoy getting in and starting the car. I still enjoy the ride and handling of the vehicle. I can still truly say that I love my car. After owning six new cars, the Mazda is the only one I am still enjoying after two years. But do not just read the reviews and decide from that. Go out and test drive cars of the same value or the same interior options. The Mazda will stand out against all others. Happiest Mazda owner ever! Reilynd PS I own the Mazda 3 s-sport with technology and Bose sound package. 2.5 4-cylinder 4-door sedan. Previously I owned a Honda pilot, Chevy extreme s10, Suzuki, Saturn, Pontiac , and Subaru WRX which I still have. I test drove so many cars in the same category as the Mazda 3 and spent months researching the cars before buying the Mazda. Although I was not extremely pleased with the dealership I dealt with I would fully recommend this car to friends and family which I have done.
5.0 out of 5 stars

Fun to drive!


When I test-drove 2012 stickshift, I really enjoyed it and I ended up getting a brand new 2013 when it only had 7 miles on it! I traded in 2007 Jeep Wrangler two door. I loved the Jeep, but it was not practical with two kids and a dog. I always wanted to get a stickshift and Mazda 3 is awesome. I really like it a lot. It's fun to drive. It has a pretty good sound system. I wish it had a little bit more of bass, but I think I am going to keep the OEM stereo. Some says the interior is cheap, but I disagree. It has really nice color scheme. The driving seat is comfortable. i haven't sat anywhere else yet. I have a hatchback and the room is a quite improvement from the wrangler. One thing I don't like about it is that I have to take a driver out from my golf back so that the golf club can fit. I gave a nine on reliability as I don't really know how it's going to be. I trust in Mazda, so I am not too concerned about it. I love the new keyless start system. You don't take the key out to get in the car, or when you get out. I don't know why this is not really addressed in any other reviews! Bluetooth work great. I also like how I can use a flash drive to play music. I went to buy a 32GB flash drive for about 20 bucks and plug it in and I have my entire CD collection on the car. I haven't even filled a tank yet. I am about a half way down with 250 miles. on a full tank, I am expecting it will have a 500-mile range. Per the car computer, I am averaging 34MPG at the average speed of 24MPH. I will miss the Jeep in the summer, but I sure won't miss its fuel economy and impracticability! I really enjoy driving it and I am happy!
5.0 out of 5 stars



Once in a blue moon ... the stars line up and a miracle happens - usually not intentionally . In this case , it would be a number of things that created this unbelievably , Inspiring , Reliable , Lazer sharp all around do it all supreme driving machine - I seriously cannot believe that given the circumstances , the B team at Mazda , tasked... last minute to assemble a " bridge " car to fill the gap from the 09 - 2.3 until the late release of the 2012 Skyactive 3 ...ended up building a still unrecognized and ignored instrument of legendary motoring excellence ...on a shoestring budget , and able only to use mainly existing parts , and components from a hodgepodge of other Mazdas- a frankestein sled ....that ended up being nothing short of a masterpiece that if directed to be built , the egos , money and advertising would have certainly ruined .....instead , they toiled with what they had , and as the B team ....was given low to no expectations and left alone to tinker in the garage .....that is my friends what gave birth to an economy compact that blew German sports cars that cost $20k + into the literal weeds of embarassment ....the zero advertising budget MAZDA-3 S GT Hatchback 2010-2011 only - ( 2010 was it ) Sprung like an 8 day clock that shook gramps dentures into the dash , a bit tight for many tracks on GTV rails and the lazer sharp steering inspires unlimited grins of disbelief . I purchased mine with 03 miles on it and plucked it right off the truck with the shipping tape still adorning the surfaces - this means no test drives by lackeys who could care less about breaking in a car properly - which I did - even though manufacturers say its not needed ....any mechanic knows to synergize metal parts properly , heating and cooling ..need repetative cycling. like forging a fine ninja sword - The engine is the key here - as design was already 5 stars and a few tweaks made it the apotheosis of the Mazda 3s ( hatch 2010 only ...11 was near same but not as perfect ) - Engine : A bored and stroked 2.3 of last year to a 2.5 ...but thats where it ends ....a forged bottom end crank and powder coated connecting rods ...lifted from discontinued mazdaspeed turbo disi 2.3 - bullet proof - 8 counter balanced weights as well , new aluminum pistons and head , with 4340 molybendum steel piston sleeves to dissapate heat ( even bmw m3 was using cast iron !! ) , graphite coated piston skirts ,lifetime timing chain , vvt cams and a stainless steel exhaust manifold !! What ! They built a 170 hp naturally aspirated 4 to run at least 300,000 trouble free miles - trust , they just dont build engines like this in most cars ...and economy class ??? Well its attributable to the fact that Mazda had the parts and people who had a good time putting them together , and R&D was paid what the heck ! If you had to build it from scratch ...double the cost - Then they loaded the beeacha with leather , Bose , led lights , xenon headlights , heated seats , stability control , bluetooth (2010 mind you ) - and still more , 17" alloy 205, 50 17- potenza re92 - a bit hard for my taste , but I switched out for continental DWS and then B-Turanza - softer to soak up the indy 500 suspension - Super reliable , inexpensive to maintain and a blast to drive - never ,never had a better car - and I have had em near all -MBZ -BMW YODA ,,AUDI ETC ETC - this car was built by ...the man upstairs ....but dont get the manual trans - the auto with sport shift is it - Its not the best at any one thing - but all around - is the best - a REAL world car - likey never to bee seen again - 141k and runs like a scared animal - out
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