5 of the Best Car Lease Deals in September 2022

Take advantage of these deals as Autumn rolls in


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As we approach fall there will be more than cooler temperatures and Instagrammable foliage to enjoy: a flurry of new models being introduced means lease deals not only on those new cars but deals on outgoing model years as well.

The best lease deals for this September include smart compacts like the Honda Civic and Mazda’s surprisingly fun compact hatchback, and range up to the well-equipped Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry.

Editor’s note: For consistency, Capital One sought out currently advertised offers using a Southern California ZIP code. Southern California is the country's largest new-car market and it is not served by independent distributors that may set their own prices, lease programs, and financing deals.

Let’s look at the deals that might have you ready to change up this month.


2022 Mazda 3 Hatchback: $269 per month for 36 months and $2,499 down

The 2022 Mazda 3 offers a lot of driving fun for its price. The hatchback form serves up an extra bit of cargo space as well. 2023 models are starting to arrive at dealers, so now through October 3 you can lease a base 2.5 S 2022 hatchback with front-wheel drive and an automatic transmission for well under $300 per month.


2022 Honda Civic Sedan: $229 per month for 36 months and $3,499 down

The 2022 Honda Civic is an economical, reliable go-to compact sedan – and through the end of October, the 2022 can be leased at just over $200 per month. What’s more, if you own any 2012 or newer Honda, you can save a few bucks with a Civic Sport Sedan lease for $209 per month through Honda’s loyalty program—though you could get a cheaper lease on any Honda through the same program, too.


2023 Subaru Legacy: $245 per month for 36 months and $3,245 down

Subaru is offering the base model of its 2023 Legacy sedan through the end of September on a lease deal that has you paying under $250 per month. Among all of September’s car lease deals featured here, the Legacy stands alone with all-wheel drive as an included feature.


2023 Toyota Camry SE: $329 per month for 39 months and $2,999 down

The 2023 Camry SE stands out from the base LE trim with upgraded headlights, seating, exterior pieces, and wheels, among other features. Through early October, the front-wheel-drive Camry SE is offered at a slightly longer 39 month term with a decent down payment.


2022 Nissan Altima SV: $299 per month for 36 months after $3,249 down

Nissan’s popular 2022 Altima sedan has a deal through October 3 that gets you behind the wheel for $299 with $3,249 down. For less than $300, that payment gets you an Altima in well-equipped mid-level SV trim, too.

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