What Is RubyCar by Avis?

Here's how Avis sells its used cars.

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Rental-car companies such as Avis sell cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans from their fleet to private buyers. Generally speaking, the vehicles are sold due to age, mileage limitations, or simply because the company is trying to refresh its fleet.

Buying a used vehicle from a rental-car company can be a good decision. In many cases, you'll know the vehicle's history and have peace of mind that it has been serviced regularly.

RubyCar by Avis Is an Online Car Retailer

RubyCar is primarily an online marketplace for former Avis rental cars. The vehicles have never been in an accident and must pass an inspection by automotive technicians, according to RubyCar.

RubyCar takes trade-ins, but it does not buy vehicles outright. The company does not negotiate on price, and only one vehicle can be traded in per purchase.

RubyCar Purchases Include a Two-Year Warranty

The prices listed on RubyCar are personalized to some degree, based on information related to you, such as taxes and other fees in your state. You'll need to answer a few questions to get set up online. If you need financing, RubyCar works with a variety of banks and lenders.

RubyCar vehicles also come with a two-year or 24,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty that includes roadside assistance for the full 24 months.

The company additionally offers a seven-day or 300-mile money-back return. After you've bought a used car from RubyCar, it can be picked up at certain Avis stores across the country or even delivered to you.

RubyCar Compares Well With Enterprise and Hertz Marketplaces

When shopping for a used car, it might be wise to consider other rental-car company offerings, such as those from Enterprise and Hertz.

Enterprise Car Sales lets you return the car for what you paid within seven days or 1,000 miles, less a $200 restocking fee. Enterprise also helps you check your credit score online before buying.

Cars sold by Hertz Car Sales, meanwhile, include half of RubyCar's warranty: a 12-month or 12,000-mile limited powertrain warranty. Both companies will ship sold vehicles to your home.

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