What Is Rivian Gear Guard?

Rivian looks out for your stuff, inside and outside the vehicle.

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Rivian's Gear Guard technology is no mere security system. Using cameras, it helps protect the automaker's electric vehicles and everything inside of or even on top of them. Gear Guard technology offers a host of benefits.

Rivian Gear Guard Is an Active Security System

Much like Tesla's Sentry Mode, Gear Guard is functionally an active security system. On the Rivan R1T pickup and R1S SUV, it makes use of built-in cameras to monitor the activity around the vehicle. It also has a braided steel cable that locks up anything secured in the bed or on the roof. The system is meant to ensure the vehicle and its contents are safe when the vehicle is parked.

When the system is active, a friendly creature holding a camera appears on the vehicle's central touchscreen. The mascot has no official moniker as of publication, but a plush doll is available.

How Does Gear Guard Work?

Using five embedded proximity cameras, Gear Guard creates a 360-degree view of your vehicle and will begin recording if it detects any object within a 1-foot radius. In the R1T, one of these cameras is dedicated to filming the truck bed, keeping a watchful eye on any equipment, tools, or other items you might be hauling.

The aforementioned Gear Guard steel cable can be used to secure those items and locks itself automatically with the rest of the car. This offers not only an added bonus in terms of security but also reduces the need for an aftermarket tie-down cable with a separate key or combination lock.

In addition to the basic surveillance, the system can also make use of the accompanying Rivian mobile app. If Gear Guard detects a threat that requires the use of the vehicle's alarm, your Rivian will send an alert to your device, notifying you of the possible risk.

The Benefits of Gear Guard

Not only can Gear Guard offer peace of mind, it can also act as a deterrent for potential thieves. Should your Rivian be broken into or stolen, Gear Guard videos could possibly be used as evidence in the investigation.

One potential advantage Gear Guard has over Tesla's Sentry Mode is the lack of a required external storage device, as the Gear Guard system will save recordings internally for up to 10 days. To be saved for a longer period of time, footage can be transferred to an external storage drive before it's overwritten.

Gear Guard Privacy Concerns

As this style of private vehicle surveillance technology is so new, some analysts have raised concerns regarding the legality of using active recording devices in public spaces. Rivian owners may want to consult their local privacy laws before taking advantage of Gear Guard.

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