Top 7 Cars with a Sunroof

Cars with sunroof openings have come a long way. Now, there are panoramic, tinting, tilt, and slide options to let the sunshine in.

Kia Stinger at sunsetKia

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The sunroof has come a long way since the days of a small, hand-cranked opening in a vehicle's roof. Now, there are sunroofs of all sizes, tints, and tilts, and even solar-powered options that help vent heat out of the vehicle cabin. We now have sunroofs and even moonroofs.

Traditionally, cars with sunroof openings run the length of just the front seats, while cars with moonroofs tend to run even into the passenger cabin. Now with panoramic sunroofs, there are many cars that have one large glass panel or multiple panels to let the light shine into almost the entire cabin.

That said, cars with sunroof openings have both pros and cons. On the plus side, sunroofs allow fresh air and sunshine into the vehicle, and they can make the interior feel larger and less claustrophobic. Plus, they can also be used as an emergency exit. Unfortunately, a sunroof can lower a vehicle's mileage due to aerodynamic drag, and can also limit the available headroom and can increase curb weight.

To be considered on our best sunroof list, the below cars must have the following sunroof features:

  • Size: Only dual-pane or panoramic sunroofs made the cut
  • Operable: The glass must not be fixed. Letting the fresh air in is half the fun

Here are some of the top vehicles with sunroofs available today, listed in no particular order, to help you find the right car:

Kia StingerKia

Kia Stinger

This performance liftback sedan from Kia features an aggressive stance and unique styling. Its wide, one-touch, power tilt/slide sunroof can transform your drive into a near-open-air experience.

Chrysler 300Chrysler

Chrysler 300

The last remaining sedan in the Chrysler lineup features a dual-pane, panoramic power sunroof. The 300 is known for its large, roomy cabin, but it hasn't had a redesign since 2011.

Volvo V90 Cross CountryVolvo

Volvo V90 Cross Country

This premium wagon walks the delicate line between luxury and adventure. Because this is a family-friendly vehicle, the V90's open and tilt panoramic roof means the kids can enjoy some fresh air in the cabin, as well.

Volkswagen ArteonVolkswagen

Volkswagen Arteon

With available all-wheel drive, a digital cockpit, an 8 inch touchscreen display, and standard Wi-Fi, this is VW at its most premium (in the United States, at least.) The panoramic power sunroof with power-tilt-and-slide is standard on all trims above Arteon's base SE spec.

Mercedes-Benz EQSMercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz EQS

This electrified, cab-forward take on the iconic S-Class sedan features a panoramic sunroof. But things get interesting when you engage the Power Nap feature, which closes the sunroof and shade, tilts the driver's seat back, and plays calming music. This way, you can get some shut-eye while your car charges up.

Cadillac CT5-VCadillac

Cadillac CT5-V

The CT5-V now comes in a Blackwing edition and is the fastest production vehicle Cadillac has ever made. It even comes in rear-wheel drive with a manual transmission. Its dual-pane sunroof will let the daylight shine in as you blow through the gears.

Genesis G80Genesis

Genesis G80

The panoramic sunroof is standard in Genesis' midsize luxury sedan. A rear-wheel drive vehicle, the G80 has plenty of technology, including a cruise control system complete with machine learning. However, the sunroof is simple, low-tech fun.

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