Here's Just About Every 2024 Car You Can Buy With Matte Paint

Stealthy, low-gloss paint has gone mainstream.

Alfa Romeo Giulia in silver matte paint driving up mountain roadAlfa Romeo


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Matte paint is a recent trend in automotive styling that can, with its lack of highlights and reflections, better accentuate the flowing curves of a stylish vehicle. Unlike conventional gloss paint that has a shiny, glassy reflectiveness, matte paint has a smooth, light-absorbing appearance. The style used to be unusual, but today you can order matte paint on many vehicles.

That said, there are still fewer than 10 major automakers that offer matte-finish paint as an option in 2024. Also, car manufacturers tend to update their lineups during the model year, so it's wise to check with your dealership before setting your heart on a specific matte-painted vehicle.

Alfa Romeo Giulia in silver matte paint parked on dirt roadAlfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

The Italian sport-luxury marque offers two matte-finish vehicles for 2024. The Giulia sport sedan and the Stelvio crossover are available in matte gray, a $1,750 upgrade that's available on the Competizione trim level for both models.

Audi RS 7 in matte blue paint parked by the oceanAudi


The German automaker offers matte paint as one of several options through Audi Exclusive, a program that lets you custom-order exterior and interior color finishes that you can't find on the showroom floor. The paint options are available on multiple vehicles, including the RS 7 and the Q3 and RS Q3.

Audi Exclusive can give your vehicle metallic, pearl, gloss, and crystal-effect paint schemes in addition to matte finishes, in a whole rainbow of colors. Because every Exclusive build is specific to the customer, Audi doesn't list a standard price for matte finishes ordered through the program.

BMW i7 xDrive60 in dark blue-gray matte paintBMW


Frozen is BMW's name for matte-finish paint options. The automaker offers one, two, or sometimes three Frozen hues on many of its models. The option starts at $2,350 on X1 and X2 crossovers, for example, in addition to the M235i Gran Coupe.

The price for a matte look rises to $3,600 on the all-electric i4 and i5 sedans and the gasoline-powered M3, M4, 5 Series and Z4 M40i roadster. On the i7 electric sedan or the gasoline-powered 7 Series and 8 Series, matte paint is $5,000. It's $5,500 on the XM performance SUV.

Be warned: Certain models, such as the X1, require you to select the M Sport appearance package (an option that starts around $2,000) as well as the extra-cost Convenience package to get access to Frozen finishes.

Genesis Electrified GV70 in dark matte gray paintGenesis


South Korea's luxury car brand offers matte paint as a $1,500 option on nearly every vehicle in its 2024 lineup, though not every vehicle has the same color options. The G70 sport sedan's matte option, for instance, comes only in white. The midsize G80, on the other hand, can be ordered in matte silver or matte gray with the gasoline engine, while the all-electric G80 only offers matte gray.

The large and luxurious G90 sedan is available in matte gray. The GV70 SUV offers the largest matte-paint selection — white, gray, or green — while the larger GV80 SUV only offers matte white in addition to its standard paint colors.

 Hyundai Ioniq 5 in matte gray paint driving on paved roadHyundai


Most of the vehicles in Hyundai's lineup can only be ordered with gloss or metallic paint — but there are two notable exceptions, and they're both electric. The retro-futuristic Ioniq 5 hatchback, with its folded-paper styling, however, can be ordered in matte gray or matte gold for a $1,000 upcharge on the SEL and Limited trim levels. The 2024 Ioniq 5 D100 Platinum Edition is only available in matte gold, which costs the same $1,000 it does in lower trim levels.

Matte gold is available on the Ioniq 6 electric sport sedan for $1,000, as well, though again only on the higher-end SEL and Limited trims.

Jaguar F-Type in silver matte paintJaguar


Jaguar and Land Rover use what the company calls a satin finish as a less glossy paint option. The paint has a measure of shine but is still more muted than a typical metallic finish. There are several vehicles in the Jaguar lineup that offer this muted look.

Both the gasoline-powered F-Pace and the F-Type in various configurations, for example, can be ordered in satin-finish black — a pricey option at $10,450. The high-performance F-Pace SVR can also be ordered in a satin-finish British Racing Green for $8,450.

If you prefer electric motoring, the I-Pace crossover offers satin finishes in either bright gray or dark gray for a $7,450 upcharge over a standard glossy or metallic paint job.

Kia EV9 in blue matte paintKia


Much like sibling company Hyundai, Kia offers a matte finish on its newest all-electric model, the striking and futuristic-looking EV6 sport sedan, in addition to the EV9 SUV and the Sportage plug-in hybrid. The EV6's matte option is the most affordable on this list, costing just $695, but Kia only offers one color, a steely matte gray, and only on the top two trim levels, GT-Line and GT.

In the EV9, matte paint costs $995, comes in silver or blue, and is available only on Land AWD and GT-Line AWD trim levels. The Sportage hybrid compact SUV comes in two shades of matte gray for $595.

Land Rover Defender with gray matte paint in warehouseLand Rover

Land Rover

Famous for off-roading vehicles and sumptuous luxury models, Land Rover boasts a diverse menu of satin finishes. The upright and rugged-looking Defender SUV can be had in five satin shades, including two grays, green, brown, or black. The satin finish costs $5,155 and requires you to choose a $950 metallic or $1,550 premium metallic paint color before adding the low-gloss option.

The larger Range Rover Sport offers a satin gray option on the top-spec Autobiography trim for $10,450. Stepping up to the full-size line, both the Range Rover SV and the Range Rover Long Wheelbase SV offer a choice of nine satin hues for an additional $10,450. If you opt for white, it'll cost you $12,450.

Mercedes-Benz CLE cabriolet in dark matte grayMercedes-Benz


In a similar fashion to its rival BMW, Mercedes has a special name for its matte finish: Magno. The automaker offers matte-finish paint colors on a wide swath of its vehicle lineup, but among most of the brand's vehicles, only one matte color is available: a dark gray that adds $3,250 on top of the price of a standard finish.

This option can be selected on vehicles including the all-electric EQE and EQS sedans, the C-Class and E-Class lines, the GLC crossover, and the AMG-tuned GLA 35, CLA 35, CLE, and CLA 45. The high-performance C63 coupe offers dark and light shades of matte gray for $3,250, while the AMG E53 sedan, coupe and cabriolet offer a bright matte blue for the same price.

The high-end S-Class luxury sedan offers matte gray or white for $3,250, or for $6,500 you can upgrade to matte black or gold. The AMG SL43 Roadster can be had in matte white, blue, or gray for $3,250, and the AMG GT 4-Door offers matte dark gray, light gray, or blue for the same price. The iconic G-Class offers one of the brand's widest variety of Magno finishes, with platinum or black available for $3,950 or olive, brown, or bronze for $6,500.

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