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Jun 2, 2023 | 3 min read

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There are a number of brands out there using car parts — in many cases, recycled car parts — to make bags, jewelry, furniture, and more. Here are a few of our faves. Note that prices were current as of this article's publication.


Made from seat belts, a bag from Harveys is not only durable and easily cleaned, but also shiny and colorfast. Dress it up or down; it's as suitable for a night on the town as it is for a trip to the grocery store. The California-based shop offers everything from keychains and wallets to purses and travel bags. Prices range from $18 for a simple wrist strap to $248 for a large tote.

Blue, yellow, green, white, and red bags made from recycled car componentsFreitag | Oliver Nanzig


This Swiss company constructs bags of all kinds out of recycled truck tarps, seat belts, and airbags — meaning each is water-repellent and unique. Choose one of the premade items (such as a $150 tote or a $410 backpack) or design your own by selecting unused swaths from available tarps.

Mariclaro Designs

This Canadian upcycler specializes in making bags of reclaimed materials from vintage autos and automobilia. The company has transformed interior components from a variety of cars (ranging from Toyota Celicas to Porsche Cayennes) into minimalist wallets, starting around $37 and stamped with the real vehicle identification number. Mariclaro also offers a weekender bag made from a Ferrari technician's suit (around $960).

Round earrings with blue in the center and silver rimsCrash Jewelry

Crash Jewelry

Looking for some bling with an automotive twist? Crash Jewelry might have what you're in the market for. The Los Angeles-based retailer handcrafts each piece from a luxury car and offers items for many kinds of occasions, including $130 cufflinks made from the metal of a Ferrari 599 GTO and $68 studs made from the fender of a Bentley Flying Spur — painted in the brand's Damson Metallic Purple. You can shop by car or product, and each piece comes with a registration card noting which vehicle supplied the metal.

Black guitar strap made from car componentsCouch


Automotive enthusiasts who play the guitar will likely appreciate what Couch has to offer. The company's instrument and camera straps (plus wallets, belts, and more) are made from vintage vinyl — upholstery, that is, not albums. For $19, you can pick up a sunglasses case to match your 1980s Mercedes or spend $44 to get a guitar strap made using the same material that lined the trunks of 1960s Pontiac GTOs.

Ben's Automotive Decor

If wearables aren't your thing, check out Ben's Automotive Decor, where you can buy barware made from spark plugs ($18) and engine-block coffee tables ($999 and up). The California shop also creates clocks from gauges and pistons and a $214 desk lamp out of a camshaft.

Car Furniture

Looking for a statement piece for your den? Car Furniture sells things like game tables and loveseats that mimic (or in some cases use) the bodywork of a classic vehicle. You can find a Lexus door sculpted into the shape of a coffee table for $5,995, as well as a billiards table for about $30,000 molded from a 1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and autographed by Carroll Shelby.

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