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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there other ways I can access my account?
    We strongly encourage our customers to use Capital One’s digital tools and other resources for self-service banking and 24/7 account access. Customers can access accounts online or by using the Capital One Mobile app at their convenience. From there, customers can make payments, view transactions, check balances, find an ATM, and more. It’s easier and faster (in most cases) to manage accounts digitally, especially given call time waits may be longer than usual.

  2. What resources do you offer for those that are not as familiar with banking digitally?
    We recognize that some customers may need assistance with online banking services. Ready, Set, Bank™  is a complimentary online educational tool designed to equip older adults with step-by-step support providing the basic skills to manage their money and bank online. Viewers can watch the entire series or select individual videos to learn new skills. Short instructional videos are available at www.readysetbank.org. The videos are also available in Spanish on the same website.

  3. Are your branches and Cafés still open?
    The health, safety, and well-being of our associates, customers, and communities remains our top priority. Due to growing public health concern - and in an effort to be proactive - we’ve decided to temporarily close all of our Capital One Cafés nationwide, effective Monday, March 16. Beginning the same day, we will also close a limited number of branches across our footprint. For branches that remain open, we will primarily serve customers from behind protective glass or through drive-throughs. We believe this is the right step to take to help prevent the spread of the virus, and support the health and well-being of our customers, our associates and our communities.

  4. How will customers know if a branch or ATM is available?
    Our Capital One Locations Finder will be updated several times per day to reflect our operating status across all of our spaces.

  5. How long will the bank operational changes be in effect?
    These operational changes will be in effect until further notice. We are monitoring the situation closely and will notify our associates and customers as soon as any changes are made.

  6. How are you ensuring the continued safety of your operations?
    We are continuing to exercise enhanced deep cleaning protocols in our open branches and operations centers to maintain a safe environment at locations across our footprint. Extra hand sanitizer is also readily available for associates and customers.

  7. Will I still be able to access ATMs?
    Capital One ATMs will remain open 24/7, and we will be temporarily waiving our fee for out-of-network ATMs. Customers will be able to access ATMs at any branch that is currently open. ATMs located in branch or Café entrances will continue to be accessible 24/7 as usual, even if the branch or Café is closed. You can also access our ATMs at select Target® locations, and as of March 18th, we are temporarily waiving the fee we normally charge using an ATM owned/operated by another bank (Note:  The owner of that ATM may still charge you fees for that use.) Use our ATM locator to find an ATM near you. 

  8. Should customers withdraw extra money given this pandemic?
    We understand this is a time of uncertainty, and that customers may be thinking about making large withdrawals out of precaution. We want to assure our customers that we will ensure continuity of critical services, like teller and cash transactions in the communities we serve. 

  9. The Fed announced on April 24 that banks are able to suspend enforcement of savings account withdrawal or transfer limits.  Is Capital One doing this?
    In order to ensure access to funds for our customers when they need them most during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are temporarily pausing the enforcement of savings account withdrawal or transfer limits for our consumer and business customers. Depending on the type of account, a customer’s savings account may be converted to a checking account if the transfer or withdrawal limits have been exceeded, but they will continue to have access to their funds.

  10. How will transactions that cannot be performed at an ATM or drive-up be handled?
    Access to money and banking services are essential and we are committed to maintaining continuity of critical services, like teller and cash transactions.

  11. Will customers be able to access their safe deposit boxes?
    Yes, any customer who has a safe deposit box at a branch location will be able to access it. Should they need access during this period, we will make special arrangements for them to do so on an appointment basis. Customers should call the operating branch directly.

  12. How will you service individuals with special needs in the open branches?
    While the majority of our branch associates’ customer interactions will be from behind glass or in drive-ups, our associates will still assist customers face-to-face in the lobby to accommodate ADA needs.

  13. Will business customers still be able to make Night Drops and/or cash or coin requests?
    At open branch locations, customers will still be able to make cash/coin requests, and access to Night Drop will not be restricted once the branch is open. Branch associates will access and process night drop deposits following current procedures. We are also prioritizing customer safety and will continue to disinfect and clean night drop locations, in addition to other precautions we’re taking within branch locations.

Last Updated 4/30/2020


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