Terms and Conditions
Capital One Escrow Express
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Bank offers a sub-accounting platform for escrow agents and other entities that manage third party funds or require separate accounting for Escrowmonies. The online platform allows the Escrow agents to self-service their Escrow sub-accounts, including but not limited to opening sub-accounts, closing sub-accounts and allocating and disbursing funds from the sub-accounts. The platform also offers convenient online access to a variety of reports and statements. Interest is calculated and posted at the sub-account level and Bank manages any associated 1099 reporting. A W-9 must be completed and delivered to Bank for each sub-account.

Additional terms and conditions may be included in product-specific agreements for each of the Capital One Escrow Express services.


Tenant Security Escrow allows landlords and property managers to manage tenant security deposits. State law may affect account specifications.


Attorney Trust Escrow allows attorneys and law firms to manage client funds. State law may affect account specifications.


Surrogate Court Escrow allows courts to manage funds held for third parties.


Government Escrow allows states and municipalities to manage government escrow deposits.


Escrow products are available for escrow agents and businesses not specified above that require subaccounting. Interest-bearing and non-interest-bearing accounts are available depending on business need.


Interest will be compounded daily and credited on the last day of the interest cycle.

Interest is calculated using the actual number of days in the interest cycle divided by the actual number of days in the year.

The daily balance method is used to calculate interest on the account. This method applies a daily periodic rate to the collected balance in the account each day.

Interest begins to accrue on the business day after the deposit is allocated to the sub-account.

No minimum daily balance is required to accrue interest on interest-bearing accounts.