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Defined Terms

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Capitalized terms used in this Agreement are defined in this section and/or in the section of the Agreement where they are first used.

Account: A demand deposit account maintained at Bank and, as applicable, designated on the Operational Instructions of a particular product or service.

Agreement: This Treasury Management Terms and Conditions Agreement.

Available Funds: Collected and available funds as determined by Bank's availability schedule in effect from time to time.

Bank: Capital One, National Association

Business Day(s): Any day, excluding Saturday, Sunday and Federal Holidays.

Channels: Any mobile applications, websites, and other related internet channels maintained and/or provided by Bank in connection with a Service.

Electronic Banking: The delivery of banking services through electronic, interactive communication channels, including the Internet.

Excess Funds: Customer’s Account balance in excess of the mutually agreeable Target Balance for that Account after the completion of provisional debits and credits to Customer's Account at the end of any given Business Day.

File Delivery: The file-based channel utilized to facilitate the exchange of financial transactions or information, between Customer and Bank.

Operational Instructions: All required and properly executed forms necessary to implement a Treasury Management Service on Customer’s behalf.

Person: Any natural person, corporation, limited liability company, trust, joint venture, association, company, partnership, Governmental Authority or other entity.

Security Administrator: A designated Customer representative who is entitled to handle all administrative functions, inclusive of adding, deleting, modifying users, assigning permissions, and password reset for Electronic Banking & File Delivery services.

Service(s): treasury management service(s) provided by Bank and covered by this Agreement.

Target Balance: As reflected in the applicable Operating Instructions and in the Sweep Services section of this Agreement.