Terms and Conditions
CD ROM Check Service
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Bank offers CD ROM Check Services to Customer as a way to conserve valuable office space and labor to store and search through stacks of paid paper checks and/or bank statements. With the CD-ROM Check Service, Bank provides Customer with an encrypted, password-protected disc containing front and back images of all Customer-paid checks and bank statements. Customer can customize searches by issue date, amount and Account to access paid check images quickly. Customer can view check images directly from a CD-ROM, as well as using Image File Download Services.


Customer's Account(s) as designated by Customer must be included in applicable Operational Instructions.

Bank will mail CD-ROM Check Service CDs within five (5) Business Days for monthly CD-ROM Check Service and within fifteen (15) Business Days for quarterly CD-ROM Check Service following the cutoff of the Account statement. On occasion, Customer may request in writing special handling deviating from the established processing of this Account. Customer acknowledges that these requests may impact Bank's processing time and may impact Customer fees. Bank will use reasonable efforts to locate the most current address if CD ROM is returned to Bank. Additionally, Customer must inform Bank within ten (10) Business Days of mailing the CD ROM Check Service CD of an address change, so Bank may have time to update files accordingly. Bank will make two attempts to locate and send to Customer’s correct address.

  • If Customer's check reject rate exceeds one (1) % of the total items processed within the reconciliation period, Bank reserves the right to assess additional charges.

  • Customer may opt to receive CD-ROM Check Service CDs (i) at the end of each month, (ii) quarterly, or (iii) per special Customer instructions as referenced in the applicable Operational Instructions.

  • If Customer selects either end-of-month or special cut option, an electronic image of Customer’s monthly Account statement (“Image Statement”) may be included on the CD-ROM, at Customer’s request as referenced in the applicable Operational Instructions. If Image Statement is requested, Customer may choose not to receive a paper statement as referenced in the applicable Operational Instructions. If so, Customer hereby agrees that Customer receipt of such Image Statement satisfies Bank’s obligation to provide a monthly statement. Customer hereby acknowledges Customer’s obligation, pursuant to the Bank’s Rules Governing Deposit Accounts, to ensure that at least two (2) people review such Image Statement. Customer acknowledges that Customer must notify Bank within (i) thirty (30) days of any errors, discrepancies or irregularities, including but not limited to, improper charges, unauthorized transfer or withdrawal of funds, or any deposit that was not properly credited to the Account; and (ii) twenty-four (24) hours of any unauthorized ACH debit posting to the Account. Customer will be required to submit an affidavit of unauthorized activity in connection with any such transaction immediately thereafter.

  • Customer understands that physical checks will not be returned to them with the Account statement. The monthly CD will not include more than 25,000 checks in any one month, consecutive CDs will be produced until all check images for that month for Accounts listed in the applicable Operational Instructions are included in the CD production for a given month. The CDs will be labeled to reflect the number in the sequence. Bank agrees to provide access to CD-ROM check image through software provided to Customer. Customer agrees to follow the procedures for using CD-ROM Check Service, which will be provided by Bank given the nature of the delivery method.

  • Customer may opt to receive the CD-ROM Check Service via electronic download, either on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis as referenced in the applicable Operational Instructions. This feature allows Customer to download a file containing (i) an image of each check paid during the prior period selected, and (ii) an Index file in .CSV format with check detail information. If Customer selects this option, a CD-ROM will not be sent via mail. In order to receive the CD-ROM Check Service via download, Customer must maintain software capable of receiving the download. File format specifications are provided to Customer by contacting Treasury Management Client Services.

  • For Image File Download Service, Customer utilizes the File Delivery channel to receive a file with all paid check images and associated data. Customer can incorporate this file into Customer’s own software. This is an alternative means to receiving files containing images and data of all checks that were successfully processed. Image File Download allows Customer to receive a direct file and eliminates the wait time of receiving a physical CD ROM. Customers who sign up for Image File Download Service should indicate the frequency (i.e. daily, monthly, and quarterly) and the method of File Delivery as referenced in the applicable Operational Instructions. Customer may receive a file directly from a File Transmission Protocol service or Desktop Connection. Customer is able to download a file to store on the server and integrate the file into Customer’s own software. Customer must be able to accept data files in .CSV and images in .TIF formats. Customer must also have the space in order to download and store the file on the server.