Snowflake Summit 2022

Here's what we've learned as some of the original Snowflake power users.

Over the past 3 years, we’ve built a suite of tools that complement Snowflake to help our teams automate data cloud provisioning and management, and gain visibility into consumption, performance and cost data. These tools also help us address our strict regulatory and compliance needs.

Built on Data

Committed to the Cloud

Working at Scale

How we're using data in the cloud

Blog: Harnessing Snowflake’s Data Cloud

How Capital One optimized Snowflake for real-time data analysis at scale

Case Study: Capital One's Data Cloud

How Capital One leverages the power of data in the cloud

Podcast: Scaling in the Cloud

“What’s in Your Data Cloud?” with Biba Helou, SVP, Capital One

Case Study: The Cloud and Analytics

How Capital One moved its data analytics to the cloud

Want to learn more?

Talk to us about the suite of tools we've developed to complement Snowflake.

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