June 25 - 28, 2018, in Washington, D.C.

Digital Identity Verification, for People
Join Andrew Nash, Managing Vice President for Identity Services, to learn what roles a trusted entity might play in emerging Consumer Identity ecosystems, and to explore whether this could be the tipping point where management of identities for people - not businesses - finally becomes a reality.
Featured at Identiverse
Let's do something great together. Interested in learning more about #LifeAtCapitalOne? Join us in pushing the limits of what's possible.
Let's do something great together. Interested in learning more about #LifeAtCapitalOne? Join us in pushing the limits of what's possible.

What Is Capital One Doing at Identiverse?

Come to Capital One’s booth (#204) to talk with our identity services experts and see how we can support your specific identity screening needs.
Featured Speakers
Dave Goldberg
Senior Director, Platform Products
Dave Goldberg is the Senior Director of Platform Products at Capital One. He leads the development of new consumer and business marketplaces and platforms and is currently bringing a new platform to market focused on improving customer service.
Melissa Heng
Senior Director, Product Management
Melissa Heng is a Senior Director of Identity and Access Management at Capital One. She has a proven track record of building secure and intuitive customer experiences for Capital One in Identity & Access Management and Risk Management for over 9 years.
Clay Johnson
Senior Director, Product Management
Clayton is a Senior Director of Product Management leading the Digital Identity Consumer Experience team. Clay has been a mobile product manager and innovator for over 15 years, innovating across a broad range of native mobile services and behaviors.
Andrew Nash
MVP, Identity Services
Andrew joined Capital One in 2018, following the company’s acquisition of Confyrm—a startup focused on developing leading edge identity fraud detection and alerting systems, including identity validation and contraindication mechanisms.
Brian Puhl
Director, Product Management
More than 20 years as an Identity professional, Brian recently shifted his focus from enterprise identities and securing the cloud, towards the consumer identity space in the financial sector working on verifying customer identities when traditional credentials aren't available.
David Skyberg
Director, Product Management
David Skyberg is a Director of Product Management at Capital One. He has been designing, developing, and integrating Identity solutions for over 20 years with companies such as RSA, Microsoft, Ping Identity, Confyrm, and now Capital One.

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