API Case Study: CreditCards.com Integration of Credit Offers API

See how the Credit Offers API helped the CreditCards.com team deliver on their brand promise to "find a credit card that's right for you."

Now that the DevExchange is up and running, we’re starting to see our APIs being used by external developers in their applications, workflows, and experiences. One of the earliest examples of this was through CreditCards.com, which integrated our Credit Offers API into the CardMatch service.

To see how the process went, and to stay true to the nature of our Beta launch, we interviewed the team behind CreditCards.com to give us their perspective and feedback on the experience:

CreditCards.com has the brand promise “Find a credit card that’s right for you.” What makes a credit card “right” for your consumer?

Josh M., Front-end Developer at CreditCards.com: A credit card is a tool to provide a person the means to do, get, and plan for what makes them happy. If someone loves to travel, the “right” credit card for them is one that helps them travel. It could save them money on a hotel or tickets through the rewards program. Or it could be a balance transfer card that allows them to better manage the balances of other cards to let them save money for a trip.

Why did you decide to use the Credit Offers API to help fulfill that brand promise?

Josh: This API was the first to provide pre-approved credit card offers to our users. What makes it so attractive to us is that the data allows us to make more personalized credit card offers to our users. It gives us the ability to market products for which users are more likely to qualify, which leads to a higher conversion rate and better user satisfaction.

What was it like going through the DevExchange platform and the process of registering, submitting an application, getting approved, and implementing the API?

Josh: For the most part it was an easy process to register through the DevExchange platform and integrate the API into our CardMatch application. We had a very close working relationship with the Capital One DevExchange team. This allowed us to quickly identify issues and hiccups throughout the entire development life cycle. The time and effort spent to integrate the Credit Offers API into CardMatch has helped us identify ways to improve the application and maximize uptime.

How is this API impacting your user experience?

Josh: We’re seeing improved approval rates because the users clicking the offers are more likely to be approved. This improvement has pushed us to brainstorm more ways to integrate this kind of personalization of user experience across all of our products. It’s currently live on www.creditcards.com/cardmatch, and we’re hearing daily that users and business stakeholders are pleased with the results.

Seeing what the Credit Offers API is able to do for CreditCards.com, where do you go from here?

Jeremy Z., Issuer Services Team Member: After seeing consumer interest with the Capital One Credit Offers API in CardMatch, it’s our goal to expand this functionality to our partner sites to help increase the reach of the product and improve customer visibility. The API is a great tool that helps a consumer choose the right product for them while protecting their credit score. I’m excited to see how this tool grows. I’d love to see this functionality expanded to other products like loans and mortgages!

Summing it all up

Getting this kind of feedback is absolutely crucial to releasing APIs that developers want to use. Rather than just releasing all of our tech products into the wild in one massive push, we focus on design and the experience that external developers will have with it. When an API is designed the right way, outside developers won’t need weeks or months just to figure it out before they can use it. We believe that externalized products, like this API, can foster a 3-way value prop where all three parties can benefit from it: the product producer (Capital One) can innovate faster and give back to the tech community by releasing it; external developers (like you) can build faster and more efficiently; and the end-user or consumers (your customers), get a better, more valuable experience.

Learn more about the Credit Offers API here. You could get access to an API like this, and even start testing it in the sandbox, by signing up for a DevExchange account.

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