Simplify your banking by scheduling transfers for future or repeating dates.

  1. Sign in to your account—online or on the Capital One Mobile app. (Text “MOBILE” to 80101 for a link to download).
    step 1
  2. Select an account and choose “Transfer” at the top of your account page. step 2
  3. Choose the accounts you’d like to transfer money “To” and “From.”

  4. Pick a date and choose frequency for how often you want the transfer to occur. You can transfer money weekly, every other week, twice monthly, monthly or quarterly.

  5. Enter the amount you wish to transfer.

  6. Click or slide the “Transfer” button to confirm. If you’d like, you can also add a memo.

For more information about how long it takes for money to move in and out of your account, please visit the Funds Availability Page.

Set up a recurring transfer now. Sign in to your account.