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Add and confirm an external link online.

How do I add an external link?

Add and confirm ownership of another bank account.

To add an account online:

  1. Sign in online and select your bank account. Please note, this feature is not available through the mobile app.

  2. Choose “Account Services and Settings” located under your account balance information.

  3. Then select “Manage External Accounts.” step 3a
    Note: You can also go to your customer profile at the top right of the screen and click “Settings” to navigate to “External Accounts.” From there, select “Add External Account.” You will be asked to verify your identity and enter your external account information. step 3b step 3b v2 Within 2 business days, Capital One will make 2 small test deposits (each less than $1.00) into your external account, followed by 1 withdrawal for the total amount of the 2 test deposits. You’ll need to identify these deposits within 2–4 business days.

  4. Once you know the amounts, sign in online and select the Capital One bank account you’re linking to.

  5. Choose “Account Services and Settings” under your balance information, then “Manage External Accounts” to confirm yours.

    Note: You can also select your customer profile at the top right of the screen and click “Settings” to navigate to “External Accounts.” Choose “Verify Account” to confirm yours. If this is a joint account, and you indicate that you and the joint account holder own the linked account, you must both sign in and complete the steps above.

After your account is confirmed, you’ll be able to transfer money between accounts.

For external accounts associated with newly opened Capital One 360 accounts, the initial deposit will not be added to your Capital One account until you verify ownership of your linked account by confirming the test deposits.

Link to an external account now.