See what Slingshot can do

manage costs with slingshot

Manage costs

Manage costs with proactive alerts, intelligent recommendations and warehouse performance dashboards.

accelerate adoption with slingshot

Accelerate adoption

Scale your cloud data and see business impact faster with an intuitive self-service portal.

automate governance with slingshot

Automate governance

Set up your own governance processes using dynamic provisioning and customized workflows.

A Closer Look

Watch Slingshot in action

Slingshot's user-friendly UI makes managing Snowflake a snap—with streamlined provisioning and detailed visibility into cost drivers.

Watch this screen-by-screen breakdown of ways Slingshot helps manage data—from accelerating adoption of Snowflake's platform and managing cloud costs to automating critical cloud governance with custom workflows and intuitive dashboards.
slingshot cost management

Manage Costs

Get more control and insights into your Snowflake spending

Manage cost spikes by customizing your ecosystem. Slingshot provides optimal warehouse sizing recommendations to help you proactively provision compute resources.

slingshot user friendly UI

Accelerate Adoption

Scale faster with our friendly UI

Our self-service UI makes managing Snowflake easy. You'll spend less time on provisioning, remove bottlenecks and get quick access to data for revenue generation activities.

slingshot warehouse provisioning

Automate Governance

Govern easily with dynamic warehouse provisioning

Automate governance in Slingshot's self-service platform by creating customized workflows and dynamic warehouse provisioning—removing data and analytics from your IT backlog.

We needed tools that didn't exist yet, so we built our own. Here's how Slingshot helped us:

27 %
projected savings by redistributing compute resources

hours of manual effort eliminated

43 %
cost-per-query decrease

Technical Overview

slingshot federated identity

Easier, more secure access for teams

SSO capabilities let users log in with existing company credentials for added convenience and control. Slingshot leverages Identity Access Management (IAM) policies to control access to data stored in AWS based data stores.

Capital One + Snowflake

Partnering with Snowflake had a huge impact on our business

Snowflake's ability to instantly scale compute on demand is extremely powerful. Since moving to it, we've added hundreds of analytical use cases to drive further business insights. Snowflake has helped over 6,000 analysts run millions of queries with no degradation in performance.

slingshot app

Snowflake Marketplace

Introducing the Slingshot app

The Slingshot app on the Snowflake Marketplace provides a subset of Slingshot's key insights and recommendations to help scale your cloud data while managing Snowflake usage and costs. Sign up now to join the private preview waitlist to test drive the app, for free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a SaaS deployment model, which helps reduce overhead and offers enhanced security benefits for customers.

Slingshot leverages Snowflake's secure, no-copy data share capability to enable Slingshot's Snowflake account to read information from the customer's Snowflake account without having to actually send data between companies.

Slingshot is hosted in the AWS cloud. It easily integrates with any Snowflake customer's North American presence—offering AWS, Azure & GCP multi-cloud North American region support. 

Yes, Slingshot lets you discover warehouses that aren't being managed by Slingshot from linked Snowflake accounts.