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To add an authorized user to this account, please fill out the form below and click Continue to Step 2.
Note: Any authorized users who are issued their own cards will receive the same card design that you have.


Fill out the form below with the authorized user's information.

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Add Authorized User Terms and Conditions

Here are some things you, as the primary cardholder, should know about adding an authorized user to your credit card account. Note that these terms are in addition to those found in your credit card agreement with us.

With regard to financial responsibilities, you (and the secondary cardholder, if applicable) are responsible for any charges placed on the account by an authorized user. The authorized user does not have financial responsibility for the account. Even though the authorized user does not have financial responsibility for the account, credit data is still reported to the credit bureaus on the authorized user (except on Small Business accounts).

Authorized User Credit Card Privileges

When you add an authorized user, you consent to giving that person access to account information. However, you agree that the authorized user does not have the same privileges as you, the primary cardholder. Unlike you, an authorized user cannot request items to be issued like credit cards, PINs, or statements. Also, the authorized user cannot change account status. (For example, an authorized user cannot activate or close an account.) The authorized user cannot add or delete other users from the account, or write or sign access checks. Furthermore, they cannot request balance transfers for domestic accounts, or request to be removed from the account.

Please note that there is no fee to add an authorized user. Also, an authorized user does not need to be of a minimum age, a U.S. citizen, or a U.S. resident.

The authorized users card will be mailed to your address and can be activated by you or the authorized user. If the authorized user contacts Capital One to activate the card, they will need to verify themselves using the personal information that you enter online or with your personal information.
You must accept our terms and conditions before continuing.
I have read and agree to the Add Authorized User Terms and Conditions.

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