Brunching with your BFFs

Gaby Dalkin of "What's Gaby Cooking" shares 5 tips for hosting a killer brunch.

Well, we’re here. It’s 2019 and we’ve got a whole year at our feet. Plenty of fun activities to plan, things to do, people to see, food to eat…it’s happening. I have a feeling 2019 is going to be the best year yet!

While I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions, this year I made a few quasi-resolutions that I’m determined to keep. One of which is more time away from my computer and hanging with my friends and family instead. Running my own business means that there’s ALWAYS something I could be working on. I wear a lot of hats and it’s easy to pass up on mini-adventures–I worry about all the work-related things I could get done instead. Emails to write, products to develop, cookbook events to plan…you get the idea! And delegating is NOT my strong suit!

Well, 2019 is going to look a little different. And to kick it off, we’re doing brunch.

Brunch is one of my favorite meals of the week. You get to eat breakfast AND lunch food, have a cocktail or 2 and hang with a group of friends for a few hours without worrying about being anywhere else. Recently, I grabbed my nearest and dearest and treated them to a New Year’s brunch to kick the year off on the right foot!

Here are my 5 tips for hosting a killer brunch! Ready…okay!

1. Pick a venue that has great bones

Somewhere that’s bright and cheerful is great this time of year because it can be dark and gray throughout much of the country.

2. Team up with your favorite florist to do a few arrangements

Spruce up the table or bar area wherever you are sitting–it makes for a classy touch. And bonus, you can take the floral arrangements home when brunch is over. Double win!

3. Pick a signature cocktail (although this one comes with a caveat)

I always like to talk to the restaurant bartender before the event and hear what they are loving these days. For this brunch I picked a cocktail with almond extract, hibiscus, ginger, lemon, rose, yogurt and a splash of vodka. It was bright and pink and so delish! Once you’ve got that settled, just be okay when your guests show up and order something else, because they had other ideas in mind. Part of being a good hostess :) And you can easily leave the alcohol out of this for a gorgeous mocktail! Still equally as delicious and impressive!

4. Start with plenty of small bites

We were at a Mediterranean-style restaurant, so I made sure the table was loaded with pita, hummus, marinated feta and other little snacks before guests arrived. I don’t know about you, but I usually show up to brunch a little hangry, so I like to have some immediate sustenance for anyone in the same boat!

5. Order family style for the main course

Salads, eggs, hash, the works. Make sure you request small plates, so you can take some of everything and pass it around. That way you get to try pretty much everything on the menu and you don’t overeat! Win win!!

And then for an extra stealthy move, grab your Capital One Savor card and pretend to excuse yourself from the table while everyone is finishing up their meals, cover the check and sit down without saying a word! It’s my favorite move to make!!

There you have it! Now go plan a brunch with your favorite people and live a little more!!


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