How Capital One Travel Refunds Work

Get the answers to some frequently asked questions about refunds from Capital One Travel

Important Note: Did you book with Capital One Travel before 7 a.m. ET on August 26, 2021? If so, you can sign in to manage your booking. The information in the pages linked below is about the new Capital One Travel that launched in fall 2021.

Capital One Travel has launched a smarter travel-booking experience with a travel tech partner, Hopper.

Here are some things to know about refunds on the new Capital One Travel:

How Do Refunds From Capital One Travel Work? 

All Capital One Travel refunds are sent back to the original payment method. That’s true for all refunds, from canceled flight bookings to refunds you may get through the price drop protection benefit and more. 

  • If you paid with only Capital One rewards: Your refund will be returned entirely as rewards. 
  • If you paid only with a credit card: Your refund will be issued back to your card account. 
  • If you paid with a combination of rewards and your credit card: You’ll be refunded in both rewards and on your credit card, proportionally to how you originally paid. Here’s an example: If your original payment was 60% on your credit card and 40% rewards, a $100 refund would be returned as $60 credit to your card and $40 worth of rewards. 

You’ll typically receive your refund within one or two billing cycles. But in some cases, it may take longer.  

What Else You Should Know About Capital One Travel Refunds 

Here are a few other things to keep in mind about refunds: 

  • When you submit a cancellation request, allow 48 hours for it to be processed and confirmed by email. 
  • Refunds for canceled flight bookings are always at the discretion of the airline. And Capital One Travel can process only cancellations authorized by the airline. When you book a flight, your confirmation email will say whether your booking is refundable. You can find that information under “Cancellations” at the bottom of your confirmation email.
  • If you made a booking within the past 24 hours, you may be eligible to cancel with no penalties by calling 844-422-6922. If you’re waiting to receive a refund, please keep in mind that it may take one or two billing cycles to be processed to your account. 
  • For bookings made after August 26, 2021, your Capital One Travel booking confirmation code will begin with an “H-”—like H-X7UTSF. If your confirmation code does not begin with an “H-,” you can sign in to Capital One Travel and learn more about how to manage your booking

Have other questions? Find all the information you need about Capital One Travel flights, hotels, rental cars and more. 

Capital One Travel bookings include services such as price freeze, cancel your flight for any reason, price prediction, price watch, price drop protection, and price match guarantee. Additional fees may apply. The availability of these services varies by account and they may not be available on all bookings. Terms apply. See for details.

Learn more about Capital One’s response to COVID-19 and resources available to customers. For information about COVID-19, head over to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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