What is Walmart Pay?

Learn all about the Walmart mobile payment option.

Did you know Walmart has its own mobile payment method? Walmart Pay stores your credit card on your phone—so shopping is simple and checkout is a breeze.

And when you use Walmart Pay with the Capital One Walmart Rewards™ Card, you could earn some serious rewards—including 5% back on in-store purchases for the first 12 months after approval.

Getting started with Walmart Pay

The Walmart app is designed to make your life easier by giving you the tools you need to manage your shopping list from the palm of your hand. And getting started with Walmart Pay is easy. 

Just download the Walmart app and sign in to your Walmart account. You can also quickly set up an account within the app. From there, you can link Walmart Pay with your Capital One Walmart Rewards Card—or any other credit or debit card. It even works with Walmart gift cards. 

A personalized four-digit passcode is required each time you use Walmart Pay. That keeps your account and card information secure, even if your phone is lost or stolen. You can also use your phone’s touch ID to speed up the sign-in process, without compromising security. 

How to use Walmart Pay

Using Walmart Pay is simple. Start by shopping like you normally would at any Walmart store. When you’ve got everything you need, take your pick of the open checkout lanes. You can use Walmart Pay at self-checkout or cashier-assisted registers. Once your items have been scanned, you’re just a few taps away.

  • Open the Walmart app on your phone. 
  • Find Walmart Pay under the services tab in the menu bar at the bottom. 
  • Enter your unique security PIN or biometric identification.
  • Hold your phone over the kiosk’s PIN pad to scan the QR code that appears. 
  • Once you hear a chime, you’ll know your purchase is complete. 

It’s as easy as open and scan. No digging for credit cards. No fumbling with cash and coins. And no need for paper receipts, because the Walmart app saves a digital copy.

Make shopping easy with the Walmart app

Walmart Pay is just one of the many features of the Walmart app that make shopping quicker and easier—even before you reach the register. Here’s what else you can do with the Walmart app:

  • Plan ahead with custom shopping lists, so you can zoom down those aisles—without tempting the kids to grab unnecessary items.
  • Use the in-app store map, so you can avoid wandering in search of all the items on your list.
  • Access weekly ads, so you can check out sales and specials before you arrive.
  • Scan barcodes, so you can read descriptions, check reviews and compare prices on the spot. 
  • Manage and fill your prescriptions in one place, so you can avoid stops at other drugstores.
  • Get a record of all your receipts, so you can track what you’re spending and see where you can save in the future.
  • Shop from the app, so you can have items delivered directly to your door.

How to get the most out of Walmart Pay

Walmart Pay adds ease and convenience to everyday shopping. And when you link it with the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card, you can earn 5% back on in-store purchases for the first 12 months after approval, and 2% after the offer expires. 

The Capital One Walmart Rewards Card offers additional opportunities to earn rewards. You can earn 5% on Walmart Online purchases. Plus, you can earn 2% on travel, at restaurants, and at Walmart and Murphy USA fuel stations. And you can earn 1% everywhere else Mastercard® is accepted. All with no annual fee.1

Walmart Pay, conveniently located within the Walmart App, makes shopping a breeze. Pair it with the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card to save time, earn rewards and redeem them your way.

1Capital One Walmart Rewards Card - Purchase, Quick Cash and Transfer APR: a variable rate of 17.99%, 23.24% or 26.99%, based on your creditworthiness. Cash Advance APR: 26.99% variable. Balance Transfer Fee: 3% of the amount of each transferred balance that posts to your account at a promotional APR that Capital One may offer you, none for balances transferred at the Transfer APR. Cash Advance Fee: greater of 3% or $10. Annual Fee: $0.

Credit approval required. Terms and exclusions apply.

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