More information about Android app permissions

More information about Android app permissions

More information about Android app permissions

Need more info about permissions? Capital One Mobile for AndroidTM needs to access certain features of your phone to allow you to get the most out of our app. Here are some additional details on the permissions most commonly asked about:

Access device location

This permission allows the app to use your device location to access location-based features, such as finding a branch or ATM near you. It also provides enhanced security by monitoring unusual account activity. For example, if large purchases are being made in a location that you have never been to, this permission will help alert us to possible fraud.

Access photos, media, files and storage

This doesn’t mean we’ll be looking through your files or photos. However, it does allow you do a lot of cool things with the Android app. Like what, you ask? How about letting you customize your app experience by adding a profile picture? You’ll also be able to do things like download and view your statements right on your device.

Make and manage phone calls

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to call you to find out your plans for the weekend. This permission allows us to use unique phone information (SIM ID and phone number) to guard against unusual sign-in activity. It’s a little extra security to help protect your money.

Access your contacts

We’re going to be rolling out a new and improved P2P experience where we will let you send money to your contacts. Some of you will see this permission request before the feature is available – but it’s coming soon!